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Growing Apart

A Political History of American Inequality

Colin Gordon, Author

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Direct links to graphics (in the order the appear in the text).  Blue hyperlinks to interactive graphics; bookmarks (and green text) for links to static graphs and videos. 

Piketty on the U.S. (in one graph)
Inequality Trends, 1947-2012
Inequality Trends, 1947-2012 (indexed)
Change in Real Wages, 1973-2012
Labor Share of National Income
Wage Ratios, 1973-2011
Productivity and Compensation, 1947-2011
Median Wage by Education, 1979-2013
Education Pays, 2010
Smarter But Poorer: Low Wage Workers by State, 1980 and 2000
Low Wage Workers by State, 2011
Occupational Projections, 2010-2020
Growing Together, Growing Apart: Real Income Growth, 1947-2012
Growing Apart (video)
Income Growth, 1948-2010
Top Incomes in the US, 1913-2010
Distribution of Wealth and Income, 1962-2010
OECD Incomes (video)
After Tax Income Growth, 1979-2007 (video)
Median Family Net Worth, 1989-2010
OECD Wealth (video)
The Gender Earnings Gap, 1955-2012
Median Hourly Wage by Race, 1979-2013
Black and White Incomes Since 1966
Earnings and Housing Costs, 1950-2010
Economic Segregation Since 1970
The Great Gatsby Curve (video)
Global Wealth and Inequality, 2012
Inequality in the OECD, 2000 and 2010
Racial Gaps in Income and Wealth, 1989-2010

Usual Suspects
Imports and Exports as a Share of GDP, 1960-2010
The Great Doubling
Trade, US and OECD Peers, 2008
Occupation Shares and Wage Ratios, 1973-2010
Education and Inequality, 1985 and 2007
Family Type and Family Income in the US, 1951-2010
Assortative Mating (video)
Family Type in the OECD
Assortative Mating in the OECD
OECD Poverty Rates

Differences that Matter
The Union Difference: Labor and American Inequality
The Spread of Right to Work, 1943-2014
The Arc of Inequality: Union Membership and Top Incomes Shares, 1917-2012
Union Decline and Male Wages, 1979-2013
Union Coverage and Inequality in the States, 1979-2009
Union Density, US and Peers, 1917-2012
Union Coverage and Wage Inequality in the OECD
The Bare Minimum: Labor Standards and American Inequality
Benchmarking the Minimum Wage
The Minimum Wage and Low-Wage Work, 1979-2013
Who are Minimum Wage Workers?
The Value of the Minimum Wage Across the OECD
The Perils of Private Welfare: Job-Based Benefits and American Inequality
Health Care Coverage and Eligibility in the States, 2014
The Decline of Job-Based Benefits, 1979-2010
Disappearance of the Defined Benefit Pension
Health Care Costs, 1999-2013
Benefits Inequality, 2013
US Health Care in International Perspective
Pension Rates and Pension Wealth in the OECD
A Tattered Safety Net: Social Policy and American Inequality
Social Security and Senior Poverty, 1939-2012
Poverty and AFDC/TANF, 1959-2010
Targeting Social Policy
Public Social Spending in the OECD, 1980-2010
Social Policy, US and Peers (video)
Poverty and Policy in the OECD, 2010
Who Pays? Taxes and American Inequality
Average Tax Rate by Household Income, 1979-2009
Marginal Tax Rates, 1913-2013
Federal Revenues by Source, 1934-2013
Corporate Profits and Corporate Taxes, 1947-2012
Top Income Shares and Top Marginal Rates in the OECD, change since 1960
Tax Revenues as a Share of GDP: OECD, 1965-2010
Wolves of Wall Street: Financialization and American Inequality
Finance and Inequality, 1929-2013
The Rise of Shadow Banking, 1945-2013
Manufacturing vs Finance, 1948-2013
Household Debt and Personal Income, 1960-2013
Banking Regulation and Inequality, 1919-2013
Occupations of the Very Rich
Fatter Cats: Executive Pay and American Inequality
Executive Compensation, 1936-2005
CEO Compensation, 1965-2012
CEO Pay in International Perspective
Choosing Unemployment: Macroeconomic Policy and American Inequality
Inflation vs Unemployment, 1947-2013
Inflation and Unemployment Since 1948
Change in Real Wages and Unemployment, by State
More than Just Unemployment
Public Spending and Jobs in Postwar Recoveries
Unemployment and Unemployment Insurance in the OECD
Public Unemployment Spending (from OECD Stats)
Political Roots of American Inequality

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