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Meadow Rhodes, Author

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Negative Effects of Technology and Preteens

Physical Attributes and Statistics

Some statistics from The Huffington Post:

By continuing to use technology:
  • Teens could suffer from back pain
  • They’re less active
  • They can develop arthritis in their fingers and wrists
  • Their sight could be affected
  • Their sleep will be disturbed
  • They will lose their hearing
  • They will be more distracted and have more psychological problems


According to The Huffington Post:

Along the lines of the negative effects of multitasking, the issue over efficiency is discussion.  In this fast paced world we live in now everything must be done in an efficient manner.  From entertainment to a learning program at school, our world is much faster than it used to be.  We don’t take the time to properly learn anymore.  Children’s attention span is shorter and our parents don’t take the time to lay out a meal and engage in dining room table conversations.  Obesity is higher today, due to excessive technology use.  More children are diagnosed with ADHD than ever before.  Children do not develop the “four critical factors necessary to achieve healthy child development”.  These are movement, touch, human connection and exposure to nature.  By not achieving these elements of development children will unfortunately lead an unsustainable life.  But if they do follow these four elements they will sustain a positive existence. 

The article says, “it’s important to come together as parents, teachers and therapists to help society ‘wake up’ and see the devastating effects technology is having not only on our children’s physical, psychological, and behavioral health, but also on their ability to learn and sustain personal and family relationships”.  Their main idea is that it is our
responsibility to come together as mentors for the adults of the next generation.  We must remember to consider personal relationships as our number one priority and make sure we do not lose this humanistic quality with the use of technology.


A main complaint over technology amongst tweens is the problem of cyberbullying.  Junior High is often the time when students rebel against their parents.  They are beginning to grow up and gain a sense of freedom.  The internet provides them with an endless amount of freedom.  They can research any topic and talk to whomever they want, all while being anonymous.  Cyberbullying is a major issue among preteens.  During this time they are still figuring out their identity.  Often times cyberbullying is prompted over jealously.  There have ben numerous ways in which people are fighting to stop this negative effect of technology.  CNN reports:


With the idea that student’s could report cyberbullies with a button on Facebook.  The issue with cyberbullies has become more apparent over the years, raising awareness of possible ways in which this can stop.

Sherry Turkle:

She addresses this topic in her speech with Ted Talks:

She explains how we are losing our ability to communicate as a human race.  We depend on a technological element to receive our love.  Technology never fights back.  It obeys our commands as a friend in our time of need.  In the outside world humans have a tendency to feel lonely.  When we do not feel we cannot express a feeling of involvement.  The feeling that no one is listening isolates us from the rest of the world.  Turkle says, “And the feeling that no one is listening to me makes us want to spend time with machines that seem to care about us”.  Technology fills the whole of compassion.  We do not feel abandoned nor neglected anymore.  We depend on technology for every aspect of our life.  We develop a relationship with this piece of technology.  We are more devoted to our phones then to establish a personal connection with a friend.  Relationships are complicated and technology is a form of escape.  She says, “life is hard, relationships are filled with risk.  And then there’s technology- simpler, hopeful, optimistic, ever young”.  Technology is the simple solution to feeling loved and admired.  As opposed to stepping out of our comfort zone and pushing the boundaries, people tend to settle with what they are comfortable with.  Turkle expresses her concerns with the path in which humanity is headed. 
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