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AOL Mail Sign Up | Create an AOL Account

AOL, a famous American web portal, and email service provider is popular among customers thanks to its email addresses. If you want to get such an email address, you should complete a simple AOL Mail sign up procedure. We will show you how to do this step by step in our guide, as well as we will provide with solutions to the most common sign up problems.

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How to Sign Up for AOL Mail?


As a matter of fact, setting up a new account on AOL is possible on any device: regardless whether it is a PC or a smartphone/tablet. Besides, the entire process is quite simple and quick, so you are unlikely to face any problems while trying to create a new AOL account. In this guide, we will show you how to sign up for AOL on both PCs/laptops and smartphones/tablets.


AOL Mail Sign Up on PC


So, the easiest way to create a new AOL account is to do so on a PC or laptop. As you will see from this part of our page, you can actually sign up for AOL within minutes. For that, you just need a mobile phone number and a PC/laptop with an internet connection. Then, just follow the guidelines from this part of the page.

AOL Mail Mobile Sign Up


Yet, if you are away from a PC or laptop now but you need to set up a new AOL account, then you may do it on your mobile device. Even though it might be slightly less convenient than on a PC, the entire procedure is almost the same. Also, we recommend you to install the AOL for Android or AOL for iOS.


AOL Mail Sign Up Problems

I don’t want to provide my phone number to AOL.
Unfortunately, AOL (in a pretty same as Yahoo does) requires all users to provide their phone numbers. There is no way how you can sign up without providing your phone number.

I already have an AOL account, but I need another one. AOL doesn’t let me create a new account.
This error is not connected with the fact that you already have an account – AOL allows its users to have 2 or more accounts. We recommend you to contact the customer support.

I want to create a new AOL account because I’ve lost the password to my old account.
In such a case, we would recommend you to recover your password’s account and, thus, restore your account. Actually, you can do that by trying to access your account and, then, clicking on the “Trouble signing in?” text button. Then, just follow the instructions and get your old account recovered.


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