Dunbar Alumni Oral Historian Interviews

From the 2018 All Class Reunion in Houston & Pre-Reunion Luncheon in Texarkana, TX

In many ways, the Dunbar experiences addressed the critiques and expectations of education theorized by Dubois, Woodson, Cooper, and Buthane. They also explore education after integration and participants’ views of education and schooling today in terms of community involvement, parental support, high expectations, and nurturing teachers. The interviewees lamented these losses that accompanied desegregation. They shared hardships faced in a polarized, racialized America. Focused on race and class, oppression by peer and educators. They candidly and courageously shared accounts of losing themselves during desegregation and relying upon lessons from Dunbar to find themselves again. These young people worked to overcome the losses of teacher support, community-based education, extracurricular/leadership opportunities; developed resilience to such adversity; and made the commitment to share these learned lessons with future generations. Recommendations on how to reconcile educational losses experienced are offered along with participants’ boundless visions, hopes, and suggestions on how to restore education so that it better serves today’s students, including African American children and youth.