K-12 Curriculum Guide for Rhythm & Dance Games: Ages 7+

How Can I Use These?

This guide contains a collection of Rhythm & Dance Games developed for playing with children and adults alone, in pairs, or groups, with varying difficulty and themes that exercise various aspects of executive function (working memory, inhibitory control, cognitive flexibility). Some of the games can be augmented by physical props and others can also be a suitable base to augment with technology.

At the moment, we are providing basic documentation for all these concepts, which teachers can adapt for their classrooms as is. Some of them can be used at the beginning of any class with people just standing on the side of their desk, while others need a little more space. Parents can also play these games with their kids in the home and their yard or playground. 

You are free to adapt these concepts as they are. If you can teach a system to others, you "own" a copy of the game. So go on, have some fun and explore all the possibilities that can emerge from  Rhythm & Dance Games in the classroom. 

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