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Social media jobs


Social media is becoming an everyday part of most peoples lives. However to most people the ongoing work behind the scenes to create and maintain these social media services is a mystery. Many people think the only social media job is to be the person that creates the app, or to become famous online. Nevertheless there is an ever expanding field of social media jobs in a variety of interests. Listed below are the 5 most common jobs related to social media.

Blogger/Copy righter
As long as social medias exist there will be a continuous need for written content. Sometimes a blogger's work can go unnoticed but almost any formal content you read on social media sites was written by a professional.

App developer
As you may guess app developers create applications such as Twitter or Instagram. In addition, app developers can work for a company monitoring and improving the current software or developing new software for the app.

UX/Web designer
Web designers work to create the interface that users will see when using a social media application.  It is important for the designers to create a user friendly interface with good aesthetic.

Security specialist/Hacker
"Hackers" usually work with programmers and developers in finding potential issues with applications. Security specialists search for potential bugs or vulnerabilities in the system that could be detrimental to the performance of the application.

Digital marketer
All of the potential of a social media site doesn't mean anything if people are not visiting it. It is the digital marketer's job to promote a website or application in order to increase the traffic from users it receives.

The jobs listed all involve working directly for a social media platform. however with social medias popularity and its growing use by professional companies it is not uncommon for a company to hire someone to manage their social media accounts. It is essentially this persons job to make sure the company's various profiles stay active in posting content and interacting with customers or clients in order to promote themselves. While this may not seem like a real job to a lot of people there is actually great potential in making a healthy salary. attached below is a video example of someone who turned using social media into a career.

Living in a digital age the demand for workers interested in a career in social media is at an all time high. Major companies like Instagram or Twitter are creating a large amount of jobs such as the 5 listed above. To put this into perspective here is a link to a graphic that shows some statistics on these companies and their employees. While at first most people may scratch their head when you tell them your job is social media it is actually becoming a common career with many possibilities in different fields. With an ever expanding market for social media it is safe to assume these jobs are here to stay

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