The Social Construction of Media: Social Media, Culture, and Everyday Life

Social Media and Professionalism

In today’s world, social media seems to be taking the world by storm. Proving to be a tool that can connect people, not only with other people but with the rest of the world social media is undoubtedly an important part of today’s media.
One important way that social media has been incorporated into our society today is in the working world. Not only has social media been able to connect people but it has offered a means of networking, allowed for employers to scout out perspective employees and has created jobs.
For professionals, social media gives them the unique opportunity to brand themselves. While this opportunity can be both positive and negative, if used correctly social media can be used to benefit one’s professional brand. Media platforms such as LinkedIn, which allows for its users to upload resume’s, work experience and professional traits so that they can express who they are to potential employers. Platforms, such as Twitter focus less on professionalism specifically and focus more on interests and how you view the world, which allows you to connect with people who are interested in the same things as you which allows for connections and the potential t find employers and for employers to find employees.
The integration of social media into the professional world has presented professionals an opportunity to connect with other people who are in the same field or work for the same companies. The University of Texas at Austin encourages its students to use social media as a way to showcase accomplishments and goals. UT also encourages students to use social media to follow and like the companies that they would want to work for so that they can connect with those companies and people that work for them.
While the University of Texas encourages future employees who are looking for employers it works both ways. Social media also allows for employers to see the kind of person a prospective employee is before they hire them. According to CareerBuilder approximately 60% of employers check the social media of their prospective employees, of course it varies based on the field you are entering. CareerBuilder also said that employers use information they find on social media to disqualify candidates. This can be because of anything from inappropriate behavior to poor spelling and grammar choices.
This new wave of social media has not only created a way for employers and employees to connect it has also led to the connection of companies and their consumers, which naturally has affected jobs. With an increase in connection through social media, businesses can capitalize on the fact that so many people are on social  media and if used correctly they can and should use this platform to connect with its public. 

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