Choosing & Using Sources: A Guide to Academic Research at CSU-Pueblo

Books in SuperSearch

Finding books in the CSU-Pueblo Library 

You can limit your results to books by using SuperSearch's Advanced Search found under the search box. 
Change Material Type from all items to Books, and run your search. 

Refine results: 

SuperSearch doesn't distinguish between books and ebooks. To see ONLY print books, scroll down to Show Only on the left of the screen and select Print at CSU-Pueblo.  To further refine your results, scroll down to Collection and choose Pueblo General Collection, or another collection that start with 'Pueblo'. This will eliminate ebooks.

Find the call number:

Click on a book title Scroll/Jump to the Find it in Print section  Write down the call number (the long string of letters and numbers, highlighted in example below)

Find the book on the shelf:

CSU-Pueblo Library uses the Library of Congress Classification System to organize books. Look at the first letter of the Call Number - that will tell you which floor you need to start on. This list is also posted in the LARC elevator, and on the digital signs next to the elevator on each floor.

Shared Collections

Since SuperSearch contains all of the physical materials owned by both Ft. Collins and Pueblo campuses, you can request to borrow books and other returnable items from Morgan Library at Ft. Collins.  Items will arrive at the circulation desk a few days after you've requested them, and can be renewed up to 4 times, unless there is a hold placed by another student. 

Direct borrowing from Ft. Collins  

Start on the library homepage. Click on Advanced Search under the Super Search box. 
Change Search for  from Everything to CSU-Ft. Collins
Change Material Type from all items to Books, and run your search.

Refine results:

Eliminate books that are also available in the CSU-Pueblo Library stacks: Under Show Only, click on the red X that appears to the right of CSU-Pueblo.

Sign In to Access Direct Borrowing:

Click on a book title to view the entire record. Scroll down to the section Find It In Print. If you haven't signed in yet, you will see a grey bar prompting you to do so. You MUST log in to access direct borrowing—the ILL links aren't what you're looking for!

Request the Book:

Now that you've signed in, you'll see a new option: a link labeled Request. 

Click Request, and fill out the form. Make sure to mark the Pickup Location as Pueblo Library. You don't need to provide a Need By date. Press Request to submit. 

Pick Up Your Book

You'll receive an email notification when your book is ready to be picked up from the 1st floor circulation desk. 

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