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C2C Digital Magazine (Fall 2020 / Winter 2021)

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Profiles of selected Kansas counties' mobility Feb. - Dec. 2020 (from Google Mobility Data)

By Shalin Hai-Jew, Kansas State University 

To help humanity deal with SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 with the best data possible, Google LLC has captured global  information for its "Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports."  The data are global but also hyperlocal.  More information about the data documentation is available, too.  The basic thinking is that lockdowns lead to less mobility and fewer opportunities for human contacts, which are risky in a time of a global pandemic with a pathogenic agent that is highly transmissible through air and respiratory droplets and fomite transfer.  Mobility data are valuable for general awareness and some inferential analysis.  

This addendum contains some data visualizations from the Google mobility data downloaded on Dec. 11, 2020.   

Please click on "Details" for a closer view of the data visualizations.  

Changes in Mobility in Kansas During First Eleven Months of COVID-19 Pandemic

Figure 1.  Kansas Changes in Mobility Data from Baseline (Feb. 15, 2020 - Dec. 6, 2020): Grocery and Pharmacy, Transit Stations, Residential

Kansas Counties

The data has some mobility information by county.  Perhaps some hyperlocal information may be of interest.  

Figure 2.  Counties of Kansas Map (in Wikipedia)

Figure 3.  Populations in Kansas Counties (pareto chart) 

Changes in Mobility in Kansas Counties in First Eleven Months of the SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 Pandemic

There are gaps in available data.  Data that did not meet quality standards were also omitted, so the datasets have empty cells.  Baseline is 0.  More travel is seen in the positive range; less travel is seen in the negative range.  

Allen County 

Figure 4.  Allen County 

Anderson County 

Figure 5.  Anderson County 

Atchison County 

Figure 6.  Atchison County 

Barber County 

Figure 7.  Barber County 

Barton County 

Figure 8.  Barton County 

Bourbon County 

Figure 9.  Bourbon County 

Brown County 

Figure 10.  Brown County 

Butler County 

Figure 11.  Butler County 

Chase County 


Chautauqua County 


Cherokee County 

Figure 12.  Cherokee County 

Cheyenne County 


Clark County 


Clay County 

Figure 13.  Clay County 

Cloud County

Figure 14.  Cloud County 

Coffey County 

Figure 15.  Coffey County 

Comanche County 


Cowley County 

Figure 16.  Cowley County 

Crawford County 

Figure 17.  Crawford County 

Decatur County 


Dickinson County 

Figure 18.  Dickinson County 

Doniphan County 

Figure 19.  Doniphan County 

Douglas County 

Figure 20.  Douglas County 

Edwards County 


Elk County 


Ellis County 

Figure 21.  Ellis County 

Ellsworth County 

Figure 22.  Ellsworth County 

Finney County 

Figure 23.  Finney County 

Ford County 

Figure 24.  Ford County 

Franklin County 

Figure 25.  Franklin County 

Geary County 

Figure 26.  Geary County 

Gove County 


Graham County 


Grant County 

Figure 27.  Grant County 

Gray County 


Greeley County 


Greenwood County 


Hamilton County 


Harper County 

Figure 28.  Harper County 

Harvey County 

Figure 29.  Harvey County 

Haskell County 


Hodgeman County 


Jackson County 

Figure 30.  Jackson County 

Jefferson County 

Figure 31.  Jefferson County 

Jewell County 


Johnson County 

Figure 32.  Johnson County 

Kearny County 


Kingman County 

Figure 33.  Kingman County 

Kiowa County 


Labette County 

Figure 34.  Labette County 

Lane County 


Leavenworth County 

Figure 35.  Leavenworth County 

Lincoln County 


Linn County 

Figure 36.  Linn County 

Logan County 


Lyon County 

Figure 37.  Lyon County 

Marion County 

Figure 38.  Marion County 

Marshall County 

Figure 39.  Marshall County 

McPherson County 

Figure 40.  McPherson County 

Meade County 


Miami County 

Figure 41.  Meade County 

Mitchell County 

Figure 42.  Mitchell County 

Montgomery County 

Figure 43.  Montgomery County 

Morris County 

Figure 44.  Morris County 

Morton County 


Nemaha County 

Figure 45.  Nemeha County 

Neosho County 

Figure 46.  Neosho County 

Ness County 


Norton County 


Osage County 

Figure 47.  Osage County 

Osborne County 


Ottawa County 

Figure 48.  Ottawa County 

Pawnee County 

Figure 49.  Pawnee County 

Pottawatomie County 

Figure 50.  Pottawatomie County 

Pratt County 

Figure 51.  Pratt County 

Rawlins County 


Reno County 

Figure 52.  Reno County 

Republic County 


Rice County 

Figure 53.  Rice County 

Riley County 

Figure 54.  Riley County 

Rooks County 


Rush County 


Russell County 

Figure 55.  Russell County 

Saline County 

Figure 56.  Saline County 

Scott County 

Figure 57.  Scott County 

Sedgwick County 

Figure 58.  Sedgwick County 

Seward County 

Figure 59.  Seward County 

Shawnee County 

Figure 60.  Shawnee County 

Sheridan County


Sherman County 

Figure 61.  Sherman County 

Smith County


Stafford County 


Stanton County 


Stevens County 

Figure 62.  Stevens County 

Sumner County 

Figure 63.  Sumner County 

Thomas County 

Figure 64.  Thomas County 

Trego County 

Figure 65.  Trego County 

Wabaunsee County 

Figure 66.  Wabaunsee County 

Wallace County 


Washington County

Figure 67.  Washington County 

Wichita County 


Wilson County 

Figure 68.  Wilson County 

Woodson County 


Wyandotte County 

Figure 69.  Wyandotte County 

These data show various communities wising up at various times in the pandemic. Some have fast starts, others less so.  Many can hold the line of minimizing mobility and possible proxemic contacts to others.  Optimally, they also practiced social distancing, facial masking, hand hygiene, avoidance of indoor congregate settings with others, and other proper precautions.  Experts are suggesting that the next 2-3 months are critical in this pandemic. 


“Counties of Kansas.”  (2020, July 17).  Wikipedia. Retrieved Dec. 11, 2020, from  

Google LLC "Google COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports". Accessed: <Dec. 11, 2020>.

About the Author 

Shalin Hai-Jew works as an instructional designer and researcher at Kansas State University. She may be reached at  

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