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Shapes Are Purposeful: Anytime you see them its Significant…

Geometric: Made up of Squares, Triangles, and circles. The Building blocks of the principles of the Avant-guard. The primary shapes. All about structure and symmetry. Many times, you will see these on a magazine cover. In these instances, you can look at it as a purist approach to the avant-garde. Shaking off all previous styles and going back to the building blocks, the foundation.

Organic: These are the shapes based in nature. They are more free flowing and less about using the building blocks. Instead they are more about advancing the concept a step further. Now you’re past the starting point and on to the conversation. What is the avant-garde Now?

Abstract: Are simple versions of common elements. Based in the Organic and Geometric but not as easily defined. This is the advanced stage. This is what is. avant-garde in all its purity.

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