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Cultures of Apache tribes and Hopi tribes

Emalie Schaefer, Author

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Quiz on both the Hopi and the Apache

1) Which tribe has in the past used a wickiup for

2) What materials are available to the Hopi for the construction of traditional

3) How many branches of Western Apache are there?

4) For what types of arts and crafts are the Apache known and what are their
purposes if any?

5) In what geographical area do the Apache live?

6) What is the name of a traditional Apache dwelling and what is the material
which they use?

7) Give some examples of foods which the Apache gathered.

8) Which tribe has a cloth garment as a traditional woman's garment and what is
it called?

9) In what part of Arizona is the Hopi tribal nation?

10) Corn is the most important crop to which of these two tribes?

11) Which of these two tribes is know for katsinas?

12) What is the name of a specific traditional type of bread the Hopi make?

13) Both Apache and Hopi traditionally wear deerskin moccasins, but which
tribe's moccasin has a distinctive feature?

14) What is the name of the style of dress the Hopi women traditionally have

15) What type of craft is the purview of Hopi men traditionally?

16) What foods did the Hopi adopt from the Spanish?

17) Name a famous Apache.

18) Name a famous Hopi.

19) What do the Apache call themselves in their own language?

20) What do the Hopi call themselves in their own language?

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