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The Father Divine Project

"God in a Body": The Religious Roots of the Movement

Within Peace Mission belief, Father Divine stands for the incarnation of the creator God to human form for the purpose of personally inspiring and re-directing humanity away from the negativity of carnal or "Adamic" consciousness intrinsic to the human condition to a positive spiritual oneness of body and mind with God. Peace Mission belief is a revelatory in nature.  Believers often arrive at the conviction that "Father Divine is God" out of the struggles and questions of their own life situations and accompanied with the healing presence of the body or spirit of Father Divine. Peace Mission belief is monistic is term of its philosophy of mind, that is the soul is not separate from the body, and God does not exist on a plane of consciousness separate from the human one. In Peace Mission belief, there is no heaven because heaven has been here where Father in a body once existed corporeally, and heaven is conceptually everywhere and anywhere one can earnestly make a mental connection with that eternal mind substance that is the essence of what believers know as Father Divine

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