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Recovering Yiddish Culture in Los Angeles

Caroline Luce, Author

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Shia Miller: Bibliography

The bulk of the biographical information on this path comes from Yankev Glatshteyn's memorial essay in honor of Shia Miller in his book In Tokh Genumen: Esayen 1949-59 (1960) and from conversations between the translator, Tamar Schneider Levin, and Caroline Luce. This selected bibliography was compiled by Caroline Luce, but is far from complete. A complete bibliography of reviews, essays, and articles about Shia Miller's work appears at the end of his book Skeptishe Makhshoyves (pages 333-343), published after his death in 1958.

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Books by Shia Miller
Ertseylungen (Short Stories). Cleveland: Farlag Fraynd (Friend Publishing), 1921.

Bleter faln (Fallen Leaves). Los Angeles: [s.n.], 1926.

Di shmalts-grub (Those who struck it rich/Striking it Rich). Los Angeles: Published by the Culture Society, 1933; Vilna: N. Kletskin publisher, 1933.

A blyask oyf tog (The Glare of Day). Vilna: B. Kletskin, 1935.

Motivn (Considerations/Motifs – Short Stories). Los Angeles: Yiddish Culture Society, 1940.

Royt un shvarts (Red and Black). Los Angeles: Sh. Miller Book Committee, 1945.

Dor hafloge (Discordant Generation). Los Angeles: Sh. Miller Book Committee, 1946.

Shtoyb (Dust and Other Stories). Los Angeles: Sh. Miller Book Committee, 1948.

Dor ha-midber (Desert Generation). Los Angeles: Sh. Miller Book Committee, 1951.

In di shvartse pintelekh (In the World of Letters). Los Angeles: Sh. Miller Book Committee, 1953. 

Nekhtn (Yesterday). Los Angeles: Sh. Miller Book Committee, 1956.

Hay-gelebt (It’s a Great Life: Posthumous Stories). Los Angeles: Sh. Miller Book Committee, 1959.

Skeptishe Makhshoyves (Skeptical thoughts: posthumous essays). Los Angeles, 1959.

Selected Publications in Los Angeles
"A vinter mesle's (A Winter's Day and Night)," Mayrev, vol. 1 (February, 1925): 15-16.

"The Broken Fiddle," Pasifik, no. 1 (March, 1929): 5-12.

"Pious Talk," Pasifik, no. 1 (March, 1929): 38-40.

"On the Ladder," Pasifik, no. 2 (June, 1929): 6-21.

"“I” and “We”,"Pasifik, no. 2 (June, 1929): 36-40.

"An Encounter," Pasifik, no. 4 (Dec., 1929): 8-22.

"With “White Steps” (Memorial to Lune Mattes)," Pasifik, no. 4 (Dec., 1929): 34-37.

Works about Shia Miller
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"Sh. Miller" in ed. Berle Kagan, Leksikhon fun yidish-shraybers. New York: R. Ilman-Kohen, 1986. Vol. 5, 631-634.
A translated version, graciously made available by Joshua Fogel, can be accessed here.   

"The National-Radical Movement," and “The Jewish Press in California,” Zunland, vol. 4 (1925): 90, 100.

Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, vol. 7 (New York, 1942): 562.
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