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Publishing The Art Bulletin

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Decade: 1980s

1980 March vol. 62, no. 1 

ERNST KITZINGER A Virgin's Face: Antiquarianism in Twelfth-Century Art 6 
BARBARA BUHLER WALSH A Note on Giotto's Visions of Brother Agostino and the Bishop of Assisi, Bardi Chapel, S. Croce, Florence 20 
ROBERT H. ROUGH Enrico Scrovegni, the Cavalieri Gaudenti, and the Arena Chapel in Padua 24 
CREIGHTON E. GILBERT Some Findings on Early Works of Titian 36 
ALICE AND HAROLD WETHEY Titian: Two Portraits of Noblemen in Armor and Their Heraldry 76 
MARY D. GARRARD Artemesia Gentileschi's Self-Portrait as the Allegory of Painting 97 
IRVING LAVIN A Further Note on the Ancestry of Caravaggio's First Saint Matthew 113 
GEORGE AND LINDA BAUER Bernini's Organ-Case for S. Maria del Popolo 115 
JOHN DRISCOLL Charles Sheeler's Early Work: Five Rediscovered Paintings 124 
FRANCIS R. KOWSKY The William Dorsheimer House: A Reflection of French Suburban Architecture in the Early Work of H. H. Richardson 134

PHILIP FOSTER Donatello Notices in Medici Letters 148

Reviews 151

Letters to the Editor 183

List of Books Received 184

1980 June vol. 62, no. 2

ANN WHARTON EPSTEIN Middle Byzantine Churches of Kastoria: Dates and Implications 190 

A Group of Quattrocento Studies
ROBERT MUNMAN The Evangelists From The Cathedral Of Florence: A Renaissance Arrangement Recovered 207 
JAMES H. STUBBLEBINE, MARY GIBBONS, FRANK COSSA, SHARON SITT and GEORGE CHAPMAN Early Masaccio: A Hypothetical, Lost Madonna And A Disattribution 217
MARTHA DUNKELMAN Donatello’s Influence On Mantegna' S Early Narrative Scenes 227

A Group of 17th-Century Studies
SCOTT A. SULLIVAN Rembrandt's Self-Portrait With A Dead Bittern 236 
JUDITH BERNSTOCK Bernini's Memorial To Maria Raggi 243 
MARY CRAWFORD VOLK New Light On A Seventeenth-Century Collector: The Marquis Of Leganés 256
HENRY ADAMS A Fish By John Lafarge 269 

Notes and Documentation
BARBARA G. LANE Early Italian Sources for the Braque Triptych 281 
DAVID W. BRISSON Piero della Francesca’s Egg Again 284 
JOHN M. FREW James Bentham’s History of Ely Cathedral: A Forgotten Classic of the Early Gothic Revival 290 
GERALD L. CARR Benjamin West’s Altar Painting for St. Marylebone Church 293

Letters to the Editor 304

Reviews 305

Letters to the Editor 340

List of Books Received 342

1980 September vol. 62, no. 3 

Venetian Painters of the Renaissance
PETER HUMFREY Cima Da Conegliano, Sebastiano Mariani, And Alvise Vivarini At The East End Of S. Giovanni In Bragora In Venice 350 
DIANE GALIS Concealed Wisdom: Renaissance Hieroglyphic And Lorenzo Lotto's Bergamo Intarsie 363 
MADLYN MILLNER KAHR Velázquez's Las Hilanderas: A New Interpretation 376 
LYNN R. MATTESON The Poetics And Politics Of Alpine Passage: Turner's Snowstorm: Hannibal And His Army Crossing The Alps 385 
NORMA FREEDMAN BROUDE The Troubetzkoy Collection And The Influence Of Decamps On The Macchiaioli 398 
ANN JENSEN ADAMS The Birth Of A Style: Henry Hobson Richardson And The Competition Drawings For Trinity Church, Boston 409 

Artists of the Early 20th Century
WILLARD BOHN The Abstract Vision Of Marius De Zayas 434 
CHARLOTTE STOKES The Scientific Methods Of Max Ernst: His Use Of Scientific Subjects From La Nature 453 
DIANE GHIRARDO Politics Of A Masterpiece: The Vicenda Of The Decoration Of The Façade Of The Casa Del Fascio, Como, 1936-39 466

Letters 479

Reviews 483

Letters about Reviews 509

Corrections 509

List of Books Received 510

Notes for Contributors 512

1980 December vol. 62, no. 4 

Studies of French Medieval Architecture
SERGIO LUIS SANABRIA Metrics And Geometry Of Romanesque And Gothic St. Bénigne, Dijon 518 
STEPHEN MURRAY The Choir Of The Church Of St. Pierre, Cathedral Of Beauvais: A Study Of Gothic Architectural Planning And Constructional Chronology In Its Historical Context 533 

CHARLES DEMPSEY Some Observations On The Education Of Artists In Florence And Bologna During The Later Sixteenth Century 552 
ELIZABETH CROPPER Poussin And Leonardo: Evidence From The Zaccolini Mss 570 

Roman Capitol in the 18th Century
ROGER CUSHING AIKIN Romae De Dacia Triumphantis: Roma And Captives At The Capitoline Hill 583 
JOHN PINTO Filippo Juvarra's Drawings Depicting The Capitoline Hill 598 
ROBERT SOBIESZEK Sculpture As The Sum Of Its Profiles: François Willème And Photosculpture In France, 1859-1868 617

Notes and Documentation
BARBARA BRAUER The Prayer on the Shore 631 
MICHAEL GODBY A Note on Schiacciato 635 
DONALD A. ROSENTHAL Géricault’s Expenses for the Raft of the Medusa 638 
NANCY J. TROY Mondrian’s Designs for the Salon de Madame B…, à Dresden 640

Letters 647

Reviews 648

Letter about Review 681

Notice 681

List of Books Received 682

Index to Volume LXII 684


1981 March vol. 63, no. 1 

MARILYN LOW SCHMITT Traveling Carvers In The Romanesque: The Case History Of St.-Benoît-Sur-Loire, Selles-Sur Cher, Méobecq 6 

Studies of Florentine Masters of the Quattrocento
PATRICIA ROSE Bears, Baldness And The Double Spirit: The Identity Of Donatello's Zuccone 31 
ANITA FIDERER MOSKOWITZ Donatello's Reliquary Bust Of Saint Rossore 41 
FRANCIS AMES-LEWIS Drapery Pattern-Drawings In Ghirlandaio's Workshop And Ghirlandaio's Early Apprenticeship 49 
GAIL GEIGER Filippino Lippi S Carafa Annunciation: Theology, Artistic Conventions, And Patronage 62 

FERGUSON O'MEARA In The Hearth Of The Virginal Womb: The Iconography Of The Holocaust In Late Medieval Art Carra 75 

Studies of Individual Paintings of Bosch and Bruegel
VIRGINIA TUTTLE Bosch's Image Of Poverty 88 
LAURINDA S. DIXON Bosch's Garden Of Delights Triptych: Remnants Of A Fossil Science 96 
MARGARET A. SULLIVAN Peter Bruegel The Elder's Two Monkeys: A New Interpretation 114 

Notes and Documentation
PIERO MORSELLI Some Unknown Works of Giuliano da Sangallo and Tommaso di Piero Trombetto for the Hospital of the Dolce in Prato 127 
LIEF HOLM MONSSEN Rex Gloriose Martyrum: A Contribution to Jesuit Iconography 130

Book Reviews 138

List of Books Received 175

1981 June vol. 63, no. 2 

ANNEMARIE WEYL CARR Two Manuscripts By Joasaph In The United States 182 

Studies on Bernini
JOY KENSETH Bernini's Borghese Sculptures: Another View 191 
JUDITH BERNSTOCK Bernini's Memorials To Ippolito Merenda And Alessandro Valtrini 210 
ROBERT W. BERGER Bernini's Louis XIV Equestrian: A Closer Examination Of Its Fortunes At Versailles 232 
DAVID ROSAND AND ELLEN ROSAND Barbara Di Santa Sofia And Il Prete Genovese: On The Identity Of A Portrait By Bernardo Strozzi 249 

Romanticism in France and England
KENNETH BENDINER Wilkie In Turkey: The Tartar Messenger Narrating The News Of The Victory Of St. Jean D 'Acre 259 
BETH SEGAL WRIGHT Scott’s Historical Novels And French Historical Painting 1815-1855 268 
DAVID MOWER Antoine Augustin Préault (1809-1879) 288 

IGNACIO MORENO Pontormo’s Passion Cycle at the Certosa del Galluzzo 308

Corrections 312

Letters 312

Book Reviews 316

Letters About a Review 346

Dissertation Topics, 1980 347

List of Books Received 350

1981 September vol. 63, no. 3 

EVELYN M. KAIN An Analysis Of The Marble Reliefs On The Façade Of S. Zeno, Verona 358  

Painting and Sculpture After the Black Death
CHRISTIE KNAPP FENGLER Bartolo Di Fredi's Old Testament Frescoes In S. Gimignano 374
NANCY RASH FABBRI AND NINA RUTENBERG The Tabernacle Of Orsanmichele In Context 385
MARGARET PLANT Portraits And Politics In Late Trecento Padua: Altichiero's Frescoes In The S. Felice Chapel, S. Antonio 406  

Flemish Imagery of the Late Renaissance
WALTER S. GIBSON Artists And Rederijkers In The Age Of Bruegel 426  
SANDRA HINDMAN Pieter Bruegel's Children's Games, Folly, And Chance 447
GRACE VLAM Sixteenth-Century European Tapestries In Tokugawa, Japan 476  

PHILIP FOSTER Lorenzo de’ Medici and the Florence Cathedral Façade 495

Letters 500

Reviews 506

Correction 525

List of Books Received 526

1981 December vol. 63, no. 4 

Meanings in Early Medieval Art
LOIS DREWER Fisherman And Fish Pond: From The Sea Of Sin To The Living Waters 533  
JANE ROSENTHAL Three Drawings In An Anglo-Saxon Pontifical: Anthropomorphic Trinity Or Threefold Christ? 547

JOSEPH POLZER The Master Of The Rebel Angels Reconsidered 563
MARGARET DEUTSCH CARROLL Rembrandt As Meditational Printmaker 585  
WENDY WASSYNG ROWORTH A Date For Salvator Rosa's Satire On Painting And The Bamboccianti In Rome 611  

Neoclassic Painting and Its Ties
JOHN STEPHEN HALLAM The Two Manners Of Louis-Leopold Boilly And French Genre Painting In Transition 618  
NINA ATHANASSOGLOU Under The Sign Of Leonidas: The Political And Ideological Fortune Of David's Leonidas At Thermopylae Under The Restoration 633  

Notes and Documentation
DEBORAH MARKOW Some Born-Again Christians in the Fourth Century 650  
GEORGE LEVITINE Jacques-Louis David and François-Anne David at the Police Station: An Incident of Homonymic Confusion 655  
G. E. BENTLEY, JR. Flaxman in Italy: A Letter Reflecting the Anni Mirabiles 1792–93 658  
NORMAN TURNER Subjective Curvature in Late Cézanne 665

Letters 669

Corrections 673  

Book Reviews 674

List of Books Received 696

Notes for Contributors 697

Index to Volume LXIII 698


1982 March vol. 64, no. 1 

FIKRET YEGÜL A Study In Architectural Iconography: Kaisersaal And The Imperial Cult 7  

Leonardo and Other Renaissance Florentines
GUSTINA SCAGLIA Leonardo’s Non-Inverted Writing And Verrocchio's Measured Drawing Of A Horse 32
JOHN R. SPENCER AND H. TRAVERS NEWTON On The Location Of Leonardo's Battle Of Anghiari 44  
PIERO MORSELLI Florentine Sixteenth-Century Artists In Prato: New Documents For Baccio Da Montelupo And Francesco Da San Gallo 52  

Aspects of 18th-Century Painting
ANN UHRY ABRAMS Benjamin West's Documentation Of Colonial History: William Penn's Treaty With The Indians 59  
DONALD POSNER The Swinging Women Of Watteau And Fragonard 75  
ROBERT ENGGASS Visual Counterpoint In Venetian Settecento Painting 89  
PAULA REA RADISICH Eighteenth-Century Plein-Air Painting And The Sketches Of Pierre Henri De Valenciennes 98  
MARC GERSTEIN Degas's Fans 105  

Notes and Documentation 
DAVID L. CARLETON A Mathematical Analysis of the Perspective of the Arnolfini Portrait and Other Similar Interior Scenes by Jan Van Eyck 118  
PHYLLIS WILLIAMS LEHMANN The Basilica Aemilia and S. Biagio at Montepulciano 124  
MILES CHAPPELL A Note on Smibert’s Italian Sojourn 132

Letters 133

Book Reviews 141

Letters about Reviews 161

1982 June vol. 64, no. 2  

LAURIE FUSCO The Use Of Sculptural Models By Painters In Fifteenth-Century Italy 175  

The Early 17th Century in England and the Low Countries
JOHN PEACOCK Inigo Jones's Stage Architecture And Its Sources 195  
JUDITH W. HURTIG Seventeenth-Century Shroud Tombs: Classical Revival And Anglican Context 217  
JEFFREY M. MULLER Rubens's Theory And Practice Of The Imitation Of Art 229  
ELISE GOODMAN Rubens's Conversatie A La Mode: Garden Of Leisure, Fashion, And Gallantry 247  
DAVID R. SMITH Rembrandt's Early Double Portraits And The Dutch Conversation Piece 259  

Landscape Motifs in Picasso and Klee
PAUL TUCKER Picasso, Photography, And The Development Of Cubism 288  
MARK ROSENTHAL The Prototypical Triangle Of Paul Klee 299

MARY GRIZZARD An Identification of Martorell’s Commission for the Aragonese Corts 311  
JOHN FREW Gothic is English: John Carter and the Revival of the Gothic as England’s National Style 315

Letters 319

Correction 321

Book Reviews 321

Letters about Reviews 344

Dissertation Topics, 1981 345

List of Books Received 351

1982 September vol. 64, no. 3 

DONALD L. EHRESMANN Some Observations On The Role Of Liturgy In The Early Winged Altarpiece 359  

Styles in Venice
DEBORAH STOTT Fatte À Sembianza Di Pittura: Jacopo Sansovino's Bronze Reliefs In S. Marco 370  
DIANA GISOLFI PECHUKAS Two Oil Sketches And The Youth Of Veronese 388  

Romantic Landscapes and Lions
TIMOTHY MITCHELL From Vedute To Vision: The Importance Of Popular Imagery In Friedrich's Development Of Romantic Landscape Painting 414
PAUL D. SCHWEIZER John Constable, Rainbow Science, And English Color Theory 424
EVE TWOSE KLIMAN Delacroix's Lions And Tigers: A Link Between Man And Nature 446  

HOWARD COLLINS Major Narrative Paintings by Jacopo Bellini 466  
DUNCAN T. KINKEAD The Altarpiece of the Life of Saint Ambrose by Juan de Valdés Leal 472
MARK L. REED Constable, Wordsworth, and Beaumont: A New Constable Letter in Evidence 481

Letters 484

Review Article 488

Book Reviews 495

List of Books Received 525

1982 December vol. 64, no. 4 

J. L. BENSON Picture, Ornament, And Periodicity In Attic Geometric Vase-Painting 535  

English and French Churches of the High Middle Ages
J. PHILIP MCALEER The Romanesque Transept And Choir Elevations Of Tewkesbury And Pershore 549  
STEPHEN GARDNER The Nave Galleries Of Durham Cathedral 564  
WILLIAM TAYLOR AND ROBERT MARK The Technology Of Transition: Sexpartite To Quadripartite Vaulting In High Gothic Architecture 579  

MARTHA WOLFF Some Manuscript Sources For The Playing-Card Master's Number Cards 587  
MARILYN DUNN Father Sebastiano Resta And The Final Phase Of The Decoration Of S. Maria In Vallicella 601  

ROBERT SOWERS A Hypothesis about the West Front of Chartres 622  
MICHAEL A. JACOBSEN The Meaning of Mantegna’s Battle of Sea Monsters 613  

Northern Renaissance Paintings and Prints
ELLEN CALLMAN Campin’s Maiolica Pitcher 629  
LYNETTE BOSCH A Terminus Ante Quem for Two of Martin Schongauer’s Crucifixions 632  
PATRIK REUTERSWARD A New Clue to Bosch’s Garden of Delights 636
A Demon in ‘S-Hertogenbosch R.J. DINGLEY 639
KEITH P F. MOXEY Pieter Bruegel and the Feast of Fools 640

GEORGE F. LANDOW William Holman Hunt’s Oriental Mania and his Uffizi Self-Portrait 646

Letters 655

Book Reviews 657

Letters About a Review 680

List of Books Received 682

Notes for Contributors 684

Index to Volume LXIV 685


1983 March vol. 65, no. 1 

KATHLEEN J. SHELTON The Consular Muse Of Flavius Constantius 7
MEREDITH PARSONS LILLICH The Tric-Trac Window Of Le Mans 23

Leonardo, Titian, and Raphael, 1501-1513
VIRGINIA BUDNY The Sequence Of Leonardo's Sketches For The Virgin And Child With Saint Anne And Saint John The Baptist 34  
SARAH WILK Titian's Paduan Experience And Its Influence On His Style 51  
JOHANN KONRAD EBERLEIN The Curtain In Raphael’s Sistine Madonna 61

OLAN A. RAND, JR. Philippe De Champaigne And The Ex-Voto Of 1662: A Historical Perspective 78  

Painting and Writing, 1870-1930
LAURA L. MEIXNER Popular Criticism Of Jean-François Millet In Nineteenth-Century America 94  
SANDRA S. PHILLIPS The Art Criticism Of Walter Pach 106
JANE H. HANCOCK Jean Arp's The Eggboard Interpreted: The Artist As A Poet In The 1920's 122  

JUDITH ZILCZER In the Face of War: The Last Works of Raymond-Duchamp Villon 138

Letters 145

Book Reviews 147

1983 March vol. 65, no. 2 

The Arts in Some Asian and African Regions
IRMA B. JAFFE The Flying Gallop: East And West 183
ROBERT S. NELSON An Icon At Mt. Sinai And Christian Painting In Muslim Egypt During The Thirteenth And Fourteenth Centuries 201  
FREDERICK J. LAMP House Of Stones: Memorial Art Of Fifteenth-Century Sierra Leone 219  

Three Italian Painters 1460-1490
PENNY HOWELL JOLLY Antonello Da Messina's Saint Jerome In His Study: An Iconographical Analysis 238  
DARIO A. COVI Verrocchio And Venice, 1469 253  
JEAN K. CADOGAN Reconsidering Some Aspects Of Ghirlandaio's Drawings 274  

A. KENT HIEATT Hans Baldung Grien's Ottawa Eve And Its Context 290  

DUNCAN T. KINKEAD The Last Sevillian Period of Francesco de Zurbarán 305  
MARGARET ARMBRUST SEIBERT A Political and a Pictorial Tradition in Gustave Courbet’s Real Allegory 311  
ALAN KRELL Manet’s Dejeuner sur L’Herbe in the Salon des Refusés: A Re-Appraisal 316  
ALICIA FAXON Cézanne’s Sources for Les Grandes Baigneuses 320  

PER JONAS NORDHAGEN The Archaeology of Wall Mosaics: A Note on the Mosaics in Sta. Maria Maggiore in Rome 323  
SUZANNE SPAIN The Restorations of the Sta. Maria Maggiore Mosaics 325

Review Article 329

Reviews 336

List of Books Received 350

List of Dissertation Topics 354

1983 September vol. 65, no. 3 

Architecture and Sculpture in Florence 1340-1430
KATHLEEN GILES ARTHUR The Strozzi Chapel: Notes On The Building History Of Sta. Maria Novella 367  
BRENDA PRYER The Chasa Overo Palagio Of Alberti Di Zanobi: A Florentine Palace Of About 1400 And Its Later Remodeling 387  
DAVID G. WILKINS Donatello’s Lost Dovizia For The Mercato Vecchio: Wealth And Charity As Florentine Civic Virtues 401

Rome and the Neoclassicists
HETTY JOYCE The Ancient Frescoes From The Villa Negroni And Their Influence In The Eighteenth And Nineteenth Centuries 423  
JOHN F. MOFFITT The Poet And The Painter: J.H.W. Tischbein's Perfect Portrait Of Goethe In The Campagna 440  
LOUIS HAWES Constable’s Hadleigh Castle And British Romantic Ruin Painting 455
GEORGE P. LANDOW Shadows Cast By The Light Of The World: William Holman Hunt's Religious Paintings 471  

VERNON HYDE MINOR The Mind’s Road to God: A Recorded Commission for Paolo Cavaceppi 485  
WENDY WASSYNG ROWORTH The Gentle Art of Persuasion: Angelica Kauffman’s Praxiteles and Phryne 488  
KAREN DOMENICI James Gillray: An English Source for David’s Les Sabines 493  

Review Article 495

Reviews 503

Corrections 525

List of Books Received 526

1983 December vol. 65, no. 4 

English Medieval Monuments
J. PHILIP MCALEER The Romanesque Choir Of Tewkesbury Abbey And The Problem Of A Colossal Order 535  
MARION E. ROBERTS The Tomb Of Giles De Bridport In Salisbury Cathedral 559  

BERNICE F. DAVIDSON The Landscapes Of The Vatican Logge From The Reign Of Pope Julius III 587  
JUDITH W. HURTIG Death In Childbirth: Seventeenth-Century English Tombs And Their Place In Contemporary Thought 603  

Picasso Early and Late
WILLIAM RUBIN From Narrative To Iconic In Picasso: The Buried Allegory In Bread And Fruitdish On A Table And The Role Of Les Demoiselles D'Avignon 615  
MARK ROSENTHAL Picasso's Night Fishing At Antibes: A Meditation On Death 649  

Brief Michelangelo Studies
DAVID ALAN ROBERTSON Michelangelo’s Saint Proculus Renconstructed 658  
CARMEN C. BAMBACH A Note on Michelangelo’s Cartoon for the Sistine Ceiling: Haman 661
EDITH BALAS Michelangelo’s Florentine Slaves and the S. Lorenzo Façade 665

AMY GOLAHNY Rembrandt’s Early Bathsheba: The Raphael Connection 672  
HENRY ADAMS A New Interpretation of Bingham’s Fur Traders Descending the Missouri 675

JOHN L. WARD, DAVID L. CARLETON On the Mathematics of the Perspective of the Arnolfini Portrait and Similar Works of Jan Van Eyck 680

Letters 691

Reviews 692

Notes for Contributors 706

List of Books Received 707

Index to Volume LXV 709


1984 March vol. 66, no. 1 

Romanesque and Gothic Churches
DON DENNY The Date Of The Conques Last Judgment And Its Compositional Analogues 7  
JOHN JAMES An Investigation Into The Uneven Distribution Of Early Gothic Churches In The Paris Basin 1140-1240 15  
WILLIAM CLARK and ROBERT MARK The First Flying Buttress: A New Reconstruction Of The Nave Of Notre-Dame De Paris 47  

Manuscripts from Pucelle to the Limbourgs
STANLEY H. FERBER Jean Pucelle And Giovanni Pisano 65  
LUCY FREEMAN SANDLER Jean Pucelle And The Lost Miniatures Of The Belleville Breviary 73  
ANNE DAWSON HEDEMAN Valois Legitimacy: Editorial Changes In Charles V's Grandes Chroniques De France 97  
DONAL BYRNE Manuscript Ruling And Pictorial Design In The Work Of The Limbourgs, The Bedford Master, And The Boucicaut Master 118  
NANCY GRAY TROYER Telemaco Signorini And Macchiaioli Giapponismo: Report Of Research In Progress 136  

LINDA AND GEORGE BAUER The Winter Landscape with Skaters and Bird-Trap by Pieter Breugel the Elder 145  
ALESSANDRO NOVA The Chronology of the Demonte Chapel in S. Pietro in Rome 150

Letter 154

Reviews 155

List of Books Received 176

1984 June vol. 66, no. 2 

HAYDEN B.J. MAGINNIS Pietro Lorenzetti: A Chronology 183  
MARGARET ROLAND Van Dyck's Early Workshop, The Apostle Series, And The Drunken Silenus 211  
F. HAMILTON HAZLEHURST At Versailles 224  

Three French Painters, 1820-1848
ROY HOWARD BROWN The Formation Of Delacroix's Hero Between 1822 and 1831 237  
ROBERT N. BEETEM Horace Vernet's Mural In The Palais Bourbon: Contemporary Imagery, Modern Technology, And Classical Allegory During The July Monarchy 254  
MICHAEL PAUL DRISKEL Painting, Piety, And Politics In 1848: Hippolyte Flandrin's Emblem Of Equality At Nîmes 270  
VIRGINIA M. ALLEN “One Strangling Golden Hair": Rossetti's Lady Lilith 285  

ANNE MORGANSTERN The Rest of Bosch’s Ship of Fools 295  

Late Baroque Painting and Its Markets
DUNCAN KINKEAD Juan de Luzon and Sevillian Painting Trade with the New World in the Second Half of the 17th Century 303  
THOMAS PICKREL The Case of Domenico Castiglione, Mercante di Quadri 311  
RICHARD H. SAUNDERS John Smibert’s Italian Sojourn – Once Again 312
WILLIAM A. STEINKE An Archaeological Source for Delacroix’s Death of Sardanapalus 318  
JACQUELYNN BAAS AND RICHARD S. FIELD Emile Bernard’s Adoration of the Shepherds: New Light on Bernard Chronology 321

Discussion 324

Letters 327

Book Reviews 332

List of Books Received 352

List of Dissertation Topics 355

1984 September vol. 66, no. 3 

BARBARA HOCHSTETLER MEYER Leonardo's Battle Of Anghiari: Proposals For Some Sources And A Reflection 367  

Patrons and Programs in Rome and Florence in the 1560's
BERNICE F. DAVIDSON Pius IV And Raphael's Logge 382  
GRAHAM SMITH Bronzino’s Allegory Of Happiness 390  
FREDRIKA H. JACOBS Vasari's Vision Of The History Of Painting: Frescoes In The Casa Vasari, Florence 399  

Rejected Rembrandts
JOHN F. MOFFITT Who Is The Old Man In A Helmet? 417  
HENRY ADAMS If Not Rembrandt, Then His Cousin? 427  

ROBERT MCVAUGH A Revised Reconstruction Of The Casa Bartholdy Fresco Cycle 442  
TIMOTHY MITCHELL Caspar David Friedrich's Der Watzmann: German Romantic Landscape Painting And Historical Geology 452  
LAURETTA DIMMICK Robert Weir's Saint Nicholas: A Knickerbocker Icon 465  

Notes and Documentation
ELLEN KONOWITZ The Program of the Carrand Diptych 484  
LUCY FREEMAN SANDLER The Handclasp in the Arnolfini Wedding: A Manuscript Precedent 488  
ELLEN CALLMANN Botticelli’s Life of Saint Zenobius 492  
CLIFFORD BROWN Major and Minor Collections of Antiquities in Documents of the Late Sixteenth Century 496  
SUSANNE WARMA Ecstasy and Vision: Two Concepts Connected with Bernini’s Teresa 508  
VERNON HYDE MINOR Filippo Della Valle as Metal Worker 511

List of Books Received 536

1984 December vol. 66, no. 4 

JUDITH CALVERT The Iconography Of The St. Andrew Auckland Cross 543

Cluny and St.-Denis
STEPHEN GARDNER Two Campaigns In Suger's Western Block At St.-Denis 574  

CRAIG HARBISON Realism And Symbolism In Early Flemish Painting 588  

Venetian Masters around 1500
MICHELANGELO MURARO The Moors Of The Clock Tower Of Venice And Their Sculptor 603  
DAVID MARSHALL Carpaccio, Saint Stephen, And The Topography Of Jerusalem