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Publishing The Art Bulletin

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Decade: 1970s

1970 March vol. 52, no. 1 

URSULA SCHLEGEL The Christchild as Devotional Image in Medieval Italian Sculpture: A Contribution to Ambrogio Lorenzetti Studies 1 
NORMA F. BROUDE The Macchiaioli: Effect and Expression in Nineteenth-Century Florentine Painting 11 
GEORGE HENDERSON An Apocalypse Manuscript in Paris: B.N. MS Lat. 10474 22 
IRIS H. CHENEY Notes on Jacopino del Conte 32 
JAYNIE ANDERSON The Sala di Agostino Carracci in the Palazzo del Giardino 41 
ANN SUTHERLAND HARRIS A Contribution to Andrea Camassei Studies 49 
JOHN VARRIANO Martino Longhi the Younger and the Facade of San Giovanni Calibita in Rome 71 
DAMIE STILLMAN The Gallery for Lansdowne House: International Neoclassical Architecture and Decoration in Microcosm 75

LOREN W. PARTRIDGE Vignola and the Villa Farnese at Caprarola-Part I 81

Book Reviews 88

Letters To The Editor 111

List Of Books Received 112

1970 June vol. 52, no. 2  

DOROTHY GLASS The Archivolt Sculpture at Sessa Aurunca 119 
IRVING LAVIN and MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN Duquesnoy's Nano di Créqui and Two Busts by Francesco Mochi 132 
MOLLY TEASDALE SMITH Conrad Witz's Miraculous Draught of Fishes and the Council of Basel 150 
JOSEPHINE VON HENNEBERG An Early Work by Giacomo della Porta: The Oratorio del Santissimo Crocifisso di San Marcello in Rome 157 
ERICH SCHLEIER Panico, Gentileschi, and Lanfranco at San Salvatore in Farnese 172 
DONALD POSNER Antonio Maria Panico and Annibale Carracci 181 
ALFRED MOIR Some Caracciolo Drawings in Stockholm 184 
ALBERT BOIME Notes on Daubigny's Early Chronology 188

MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN A Seventeenth-Century Painter's Supplies: Document of Payment to Andrea Camassei 192

Book Reviews 195

List Of Books Received 225

Letters To The Editor 228

1970 September vol. 52, no. 3 

MILLARD MEISS The Original Position of Uccello's John Hawkwood 231 
RAB HATFIELD Some Unknown Descriptions of the Medici Palace in 1459 232 
MARIE MIKHAILOVA Bridges of Ancient Rome: Drawings in The Hermitage Ascribed to Fra Giacondo 250 
JONATHAN BROWN Hieroglyphs of Death and Salvation: The Decoration of the Hermandad de la Caridad, Seville 265 
JENNIFER MONTAGU Antonio and Gioseppe Giorgetti: Sculptors to Cardinal Francesco Barberini 278
ESTHER PASZTORY Hieratic Composition in West African Art 299

Book Reviews 307

List Of Books Received 257

Letters To The Editor 360

1970 December vol. 52, no. 4  

LUCY FREEMAN SANDLER A Pucelle Follower in England 363 
HANS OST Santa Margherita in Montefiascone: A Centralized Building Plan of the Roman Quattrocento 373 
BARBARA G. LANE Petrus Christus: A Reconstructed Triptych with an Italian Motif 390 
ROBERT W. BERGER Charles Le Brun and the Louvre Colonnade 394 
NORMA F. BROUDE The Macchiaioli as Proto-Impressionists: Realism, Popular Science and the Re-shaping of Macchia Romanticism, 1862-1886 404 
WHITNEY CHADWICK Masson's Gradiva: The Metamorphosis of a Surrealist Myth 415

Book Reviews 423

List Of Books Received 474


1971 March vol. 53, no. 1 

CHARLES STERLING Observations on Petrus Christus 1 
JOHN L. WARD A Proposed Reconstruction of an Altarpiece by Rogier Van der Weyden 27 
JOSEPH POLZER Masaccio and the Late Antique 36 
CREIGHTON GILBERT Piero della Francesca's Flagellation: The Figures in the Foreground 41 
FRANK R. DIFEDERICO Francesco Trevisani and the Decoration of the Crucifixion Chapel in San Silvestro in Capite 52
ALBERT BOIME The Second Republic's Contest for the Figure of the Republic 68

HARDY GEORGE Turner in Venice 84

State Of Research
E. HAVERKAMP-BEGEMANN The Present State of Rembrandt Studies 88

Book Reviews 105

Letters To The Editor 135

List Of Books Received 136

Notes For Contributors 139

1971 June vol. 53, no. 2 

HERBERT L. KESSLER Hic Homo Formatur: The Genesis Frontispieces of the Carolingian Bibles 143 
HOWARD HELSINGER Images on the Beatus Page of Some Medieval Psalters 161 
JAMES H. BECK Masaccio's Early Career as a Sculptor 177 
DAVID ROSAND Titian in the Frari 196 
PAUL TURNER The Beginnings of Le Corbusier's Education, 1902-07 214

MILLARD MEISS with Sharon Off The Bookkeeping of Robinet d'Estampes and the Chronology of Jean de Berry's Manuscripts 225 
DARIO A. COVI A Documented Altarpiece by Cosimo Rosselli 236

Book Reviews 239

Letters to the Editor 281

List of Books Received 285

1971 September vol. 53, no. 3 

H. W. VAN OS Giovanni di Paolo's Pizzicaiuolo Altarpiece 289 
PETER W. PARSHALL Albrecht Dürer's St. Jerome in His Study: A Philological Reference 303  
MOJMÎR S. FRINTA Note on the Punched Decoration of Two Early Painted Panels at the Fogg Art Museum: St. Dominic and the Crucifixion 306  
MILLARD MEISS A Note on the Marciana Dante and Its Signature 310  
JACK WASSERMAN The Dating and Patronage of Leonardo's Burlington House Cartoon 312  
PHILIPP FEHL Michelangelo's Crucifixion of St. Peter: Notes on the Identification of the Locale of the Action 327  
HILDEGARD UTZ The Labors of Hercules and Other Works by Vincenzo de' Rossi 344  
NIELS LUNING PRAK Seurat's Surface Pattern and Subject Matter 367  
WOLFGANG PEHNT Gropius the Romantic 379  
DOUGLAS FRASER Note on the Stone Nomoli Figures of Sierra Leone 393

Book Reviews 394

Letters to the Editor 429

List of Books Received 430

1971 December vol. 53, no. 4 

ISA RAGUSA The Egg Reopened 435  
JAMES SNYDER The Early Haarlem School of Painting, Part III: The Problem of Geertgen tot Sint Jans and Jan Mostaert 445  
CARL F . BARNES, JR. The Location of the Sainte-Chapelle Stained Glass in the Cathedral of Soissons 459  
THOMAS BRACHERT A Musical Canon of Proportion in Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper 461  
LOREN W. PARTRIDGE The Sala d'Ercole in the Villa Farnese at Caprarola, Part I 467  
WOLFGANG STECHOW Rembrandt's Woman with the Arrow 487  
DANIEL A. FINK Vermeer's Use of the Camera Obscura - A Comparative Study 493

Exhibition Review
WILLIBALD SAUERLÄNDER The Year 1200, A Centennial Exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, February 12 – May 10, 1970 506

Book Reviews 517

Letters to the Editor 552

List of Books Received 556


1972 March vol. 54, no. 1 

MARTIN WERNER The Madonna and Child Miniature in the Book of Kells: Part I 1  
ROBERT BRANNER The Johannes Grusch Atelier and the Continental Origins of the William of Devon Painter 24  
ADELAIDE L. BENNETT Additions to the William of Devon Group 31  
CURTIS SHELL Two Triptychs by Giovanni dal Ponte 41  
DONALD STONE, JR. The Source of Titian's Rape of Europa 47  
LOREN W. PARTRIDGE The Sala d'Ercole in the Villa Farnese at Caprarola, Part II 50

ELEANOR M. TUFTS Luis Meléndez, Documents on His Life and Work 63

Museum Report
J. D. BRECKENRIDGE Lateranus Redivivus 69

Book Reviews 77

Letters to the Editor 116

List of Books Received 122

Notes for Contributors 125

1972 June vol. 54, no. 2 

MARTIN WERNER The Madonna and Child Miniature in the Book of Kells: Part II 129  
EDWARD B. GARRISON Note on the Survival of Thirteenth-Century Panel Paintings in Italy 140  
GERMANO MULAZZANI A Confirmation for Bramante: The Christ at the Column of Chiaravalle 141  
DAVID SUMMERS Michelangelo on Architecture 146  
IRVING LAVIN Bernini's Death 158  
JOHN DUNCAN MACMILLAN Holman Hunt's Hireling Shepherd: Some Reflections on a Victorian Pastoral 187  

SHERWOOD A. FEHM, JR. Notes on the Statutes of the Sienese Painters Guild 198

Book Reviews 201

Letters to the Editor 232

List of Books Received 236

1972 September vol. 54, no. 3 

MICHAEL D. LEVIN Some Jewish Sources for the Vienna Genesis 241  
W. EUGENE KLEINBAUER Zvart'nots and the Origins of Christian Architecture in Armenia 245  
W. B. MCNAMEE The Origin of the Vested Angel as a Eucharistic Symbol in Flemish Painting 263  
CHARLES DEMPSEY Masaccio's Trinity: Altarpiece or Tomb? 279  
MADLYN KAHR Delilah 282  
THOMAS PELZEL Winckelmann, Mengs and Casanova: A Reappraisal of a Famous Eighteenth-century Forgery 300  
THEODORE REFF Degas's Tableau de Genre 316

Book Reviews 338

Letters to the Editor 376

List of Books Received 377

1972 December vol. 54, no. 4 

DONALD POSNER Watteau's Reclining Nude and the Remedy Theme 383  
EVELYN B. HARRISON Preparations for Marathon, the Niobid Painter and Herodotus 390  
MICHAEL TAYLOR The Prophetic Scenes in the Tree of Jesse at Orvieto 403  
MICHAEL A. JACOBSEN Vulcan Forging Cupid's Wing 418  
MARIANNA JENKINS The Iconography of the Hall of the Consistory in the Palazzo Pubblico, Siena 430  
JOYCE WADDELL BAILEY Map of Texúpa (Oaxaca, 1579): A Study of Form and Meaning 452  
ROBERT W. BERGER Rubens and Caravaggio: A Source for a Painting from the Medici Cycle 473  
PATRICK A. HEELAN Toward a New Analysis of the Pictorial Space of Vincent Van Gogh 478  
BERNARD HANSON D. W. Griffith: Some Sources 493  
BERYL BARR-SHARRAR Some Aspects of Early Autobiographical Imagery in Picasso's Suite 347 516

Reviews 534

List of Books Received 566

Index to Volume LIV 568


1973 March 55, no. 1 

KURT WEITZMANN The Heracles Plaques of St. Peter's Cathedra 1
JACQUES GUILMAIN A Note on the Arabesques in the Diatessaron, Florence, Bibl. Laur., Orient. 81 38  
ARTURO CARLO QUINTAVALLE Piacenza Cathedral, Lanfranco, and the School of Wiligelmo 40  
ROBERT L. MODE San Bernardino in Glory 58  
ROBERT MUNMAN Antonio Rizzo's Sarcophagus for Nicolò Tron: A Closer Look 77  
JOHN I. PAV Wenceslaus Hollar in Germany, 1627-1636 86  
BARBARA EHRLICH WHITE The Bathers of 1887 and Renoir's Anti-Impressionism 106

State of Research
HOWARD HIBBARD Recent Books on Earlier Baroque Architecture in Rome 127

Book Reviews 136

Letters to the Editor 162

List of Books Received 165

Notes for Contributors 168

1973 June vol. 55, no. 2 

JOHN WILLIAMS San Isidoro in León: Evidence for a New History 170  
JAMES H. STUBBLEBINE Duccio and His Collaborators on the Cathedral Maestà 185  
DON DENNY Some Symbols in the Arena Chapel Frescoes 205  
LAURIE SCHNEIDER Donatello's Bronze David 213  
DAVID ROSAND Theater and Structure in the Art of Paolo Veronese 217  
MADLYN KAHR Rembrandt and Delilah 240  
JOHN RUPERT MARTIN A Lost Oil Sketch by Rubens Rediscovered 260  
DORA WIEBENSON The Two Domes of the Halle au Blé in Paris 262

Book Reviews 280

List of Books Received 316

1973 September vol. 55, no. 3 

WALTER CAHN Observations on Corbeil 321  
LINDA SEIDEL The Façade of the Chapterhouse at La Daurade in Toulouse 328  
JOHN WHITE Measurement, Design and Carpentry in Duccio's Maestà, Part I 334  
ALAN BORG and ROBERT MARK Chartres Cathedral: A Reinterpretation of Its Structure 367  
PHILIPP FEHL Raphael's Reconstruction of the Throne of St. Gregory the Great 373  
FREDERICK A. COOPER Jacopo Pontormo and Influences from the Renaissance Theater 380  
DIANA M. BUITRON The Alexander Nelidow: A Renaissance Bronze? 393  
LAWRENCE A. SILVER The Sin of Moses: Comments on the Early Reformation in a Late Painting by Lucas van Leyden 401  
WOLFRAM PRINZ The Four Philosophers of Rubens and the Pseudo-Seneca in Seventeenth-Century Painting 410  
IRVING LAVIN Afterthoughts on Bernini's Death 429  
ALAN C. BIRNHOLZ Notes on the Chronology of El Lissitzky's Proun Compositions 437

Reviews 440

Letters to the Editor 475

List of Books Received 447

1973 December vol. 55, no. 4 

MILLARD MEISS A New Monumental Painting by Filippino Lippi 479  
MEYER SCHAPIRO The Miniatures of the Florence Diatessaron (Laurentian Ms Or. 81): Their Place in Late Medieval Art and Supposed Connection with Early Christian and Insular Art 495  
CARL NORDENFALK The Diatessaron Miniatures Once More 532  
JOHN WHITE Measurement, Design and Carpentry in Duccio's Maestà, Part II 547  
CAROL DUNCAN Happy Mothers and Other New Ideas in French Art 570  
PHILIPP P. FEHL Thomas Sully's Washington's Passage of the Delaware: The History of a Commission 584  
WILLIAM L. PRESSLY The Praying Mantis in Surrealist Art 600

Book Reviews 616

List of Books Received 635

Index to Volume LV 657  


1974 March vol. 56, no. 1 

ELEANOR M. TUFTS A Second Melendéz Self-Portrait: The Artist as Still Life 1  
PAUL F. WATSON A Desco da Parto by Bartolomeo di Fruosino 4  
MILLARD MEISS Once Again Filippino's Panels from San Ponziano, Lucca 10  
ANNE H. VAN BUREN and SHEILA EDMUNDS Playing Cards and Manuscripts: Some Widely Disseminated Fifteenth-Century Model Sheets 12  
SAUL LEVINE The Location of Michelangelo's David: The Meeting of January 25, 1504 31
ALICE M. KAPLAN Dürer's Raphael Drawing Reconsidered 50
IRVING LAVIN Divine Inspiration in Caravaggio's Two St. Matthews 59  
ANTOINE SCHNAPPER Two Unknown Ceiling Paintings by Mignard for Louis XIV 82  
FRANCES SUZMAN JOWELL Thoré-Bürger and the Revival of Frans Hals 101

Book Reviews 118

Letters to the Editor 150

List of Books Received 152

Notes for Contributors 154

1974 June vol. 56, no. 2  

Medieval Issue (dedicated to the memory of Robert Branner 1927-1973) front matter, unnumbered page

WARREN SANDERSON A Group of Ivories and Some Related Works from Late Carolingian Trier 159  
ROBERT DESHMAN Anglo-Saxon Art After Alfred 176  
LARRY M. AYRES The Work of the Morgan Master at Winchester and English Painting of the Early Gothic Period 201  
GEORGIA SOMMERS WRIGHT A Royal Tomb Program in the Reign of St. Louis 224  
CHARLES L. KUHN Riemenschneider in the Harvard Collections 244

KURT WEITZMANN An Addendum to The Heracles Plaques of St. Peter's Cathedra 248  
CREIGHTON GILBERT The Egg Reopened Again 252

State of Research
WOLFGANG STECHOW Recent Dürer Studies 259

Reviews 271

Letters to the Editor 309

List of Books Received 312

1974 September vol. 56, no. 3 

DOROTHY GLASS Romanesque Sculpture in Campania and Sicily: A Problem of Method 315  
MARCIA B. HALL The Tramezzo in Santa Croce, Florence, Reconstructed 325  
GEORGE GOLDNER Notes on the Iconography of Piero della Francesca's Annunciation in Arezzo 342  
MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN Notes on the Iconography of Piero della Francesca's Fresco of Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta before St. Sigismund: ΘΕΩΙ ΑΘΑΝΑΤΩΙ ΚΑΙ ΤΗΙ ΠΟΛΕΙ 345  
ANN H. ALLISON Antique Sources of Leonardo's Leda 375  
LEO STEINBERG Pontormo's Capponi Chapel 385  
MYRA NAN ROSENFELD Sebastiano Serlio's Drawings in the Nationalbibliothek in Vienna for his Seventh Book on Architecture 400  
ROSAMOND E. MACK Girolamo Muziano and Cesare Nebbia at Orvieto 410  
MICHAEL KÜHLENTHAL The Alberini Sarcophagus: Renaissance Copy or Antique? 414  
ROBERT H. WESTIN Antonio Raggi's Death of St. Cecilia 422

Book Reviews 430

List of Books Received 468

1974 December vol. 56, no. 4 

ELLEN N. DAVIS The Vapheio Cups: One Minoan and One Mycenean? 472  
CAROL F. LEWINE Vulpes Fossa Habent or the Miracle of the Bent Woman in the Gospels of St. Augustine, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, ms 286 488  
WILLIAM AUGUST STEINKE The Influence of English Decorated Style on the Continent: Saint James in Torun and Lincoln Cathedral 505  
CHARLES RANDALL MACK The Rucellai Palace: Some New Proposals 517  
MICHAEL A. JACOBSEN Savoldo and Northern Art 530  
MARIE TANNER Chance and Coincidence in Titian's Diana and Actaeon 535  
CATHERINE SLOANE Two Statues by Bernini in Morristown, New Jersey 551  
NATALIE ROSENBERG HENDERSON Le Sueur's Decorations for the Cabinet des Muses in the Hótel Lambert 555  
SUSAN DONAHUE KURETSKY Rembrandt's Tree Stump: An Iconographic Attribute of St. Jerome 571  
NORMA BROUDE New Light on Seurat's Dot: Its Relation to Photo-Mechanical Color Printing in France in the 1880's 581

IRVING LAVIN Addenda to Divine Inspiration 590

Books Reviews 592

Letters to the Editor 625

List of Books Received 627

Index to Volume LVI 629


1975 March vol. 57, no. 1 

ELLEN KOSMER The noyous humoure of lecherie 1
MICHAEL MALLORY Thoughts Concerning the Master of the Glorification of St. Thomas 9
BARBARA G. LANE Depositio et Elevatio: The Symbolism of the Seilern Triptych 21
WEBSTER SMITH On the Original Location of the Primavera 31
ANNE H. VAN BUREN The Canonical Office in Renaissance Painting: Raphael's Madonna at Nones 41
ALFRED FRAZER A Numismatic Source for Michelangelo's First Design for the Tomb of Julius II 53
DAVID ROSAND Titian's Light as Form and Symbol 58
CATHERINE WILKINSON The Escorial and the Invention of the Imperial Staircase 65
MILES CHAPPELL Cigoli, Calileo, and Invidia 91
LAWRENCE D. STEEFEL, JR. A Neglected Shadow in Poussin's Et in Arcadia Ego 99
CARL GOLDSTEIN Towards a Definition of Academic Art 102
WILLIAM INNES HOMER Picabia's Jeune fille américaine dans l'etat de nudité and Her Friends 110

MILLARD MEISS Not an Ostrich Egg? 116

Book Reviews 117

Letters to the Editor 148

List of Books Received 150

1975 June vol. 57, no. 2 

CARLA LORD Three Manuscripts of the Ovide moralisé 161  
JAMES H. STUBBLEBINE Byzantine Sources for the Iconography of Duccio's Maestà 176  
MARKJ. ZUCKER Parri Spinelli's Lost Annunciation to the Virgin and Other Aretine Annunciations of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries 186  
JOHN L. WARD Hidden Symbolism in Jan van Eyck's Annunciations 196  
THOMAS L. GLEN A Note on Nicolas Poussin's Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well 221
MADLYN MILLNER KAHR Velázquez and Las Meninas 225  
JERRY D. MEYER Benjamin West's Chapel of Revealed Religion: A Study in Eighteenth-Century Protestant Religious Art 247

Book Reviews 266

Letters to the Editor 303

List of Books Received 309

1975 September vol. 57, no. 3 

DARRELL D. DAVISSON The Iconology of the S. Trinita Sacristy, 1418-1435: A Study of the Private and Public Functions of Religious Art in the Early Quattrocento 315  
LEONARD J. SLATKES Hieronymous Bosch and Italy 335  
NANCY THOMSON DE GRUMMOND VV and Related Inscriptions in Giorgione, Titian, and Dürer 346  
ELISABETH B. MACDOUGALL The Sleeping Nymph: Origins of a Humanist Fountain Type 357  
JUERGEN SCHULZ Michelangelo's Unfinished Works 366  
HOWARD SAALMAN Michelangelo: S. Maria del Fiore and St. Peter's 374  
JOHN P. OLESON A Reproduction of an Etruscan Tomb in the Parco dei Mostri at Bomarzo 410  
SUSAN KOSLOW Frans Hals's Fisherboys: Exemplars of Idleness 418

ANN PLOGSTERTH A Reconsideration of the Religious Iconography in Hartt’s History of Italian Renaissance Art 433

Book Reviews 438

Letters to the Editor 466

List of Books Received 468

Notes for Contributors 470

1975 December vol. 57, no. 4 

ERIC YOUNG A Rediscovered Painting by Pedro Berruguete and Its Companion Panels 473  
BARBARA G. LANE Ecce Panis Angelorum: The Manger as Altar in Hugo's Berlin Nativity 476  
RONA GOFFEN Icon and Vision: Giovanni Bellini's Half-Length Madonnas 487  
CHARLES SCRIBNER, III Sacred Architecture: Rubens's Eucharist Tapestries 519  
JAMES A. WELU Vermeer: His Cartographic Sources 529  
RONALD W. JOHNSON Dante Rossetti's Beata Beatrix and the New Life 548

CARLA GOTTLIEB The Window in the Eye and Globe 559  
N. RANDOLPH PARKS The Placement of Michelangelo's David: A Review of the Documents 560

Book Reviews 571

Letters to the Editor 605

List of Books Received 610

Index to Volume LVII 613


1976 March vol. 58, no. 1 

CECELIA F. KLEIN The Identity of the Central Diety on the Aztec Calendar Stone 1  
MOSHE BARASCH A Silenus Surviving in Nicola Pisano 13  
BRADLEY J. DELANEY Giusto de' Menabuoi in Lombardy 19  
DIANE FINIELLO ZERVAS Ghiberti's St. Matthew Ensemble at Orsanmichele: Symbolism in Proportion 36  
PETER GLUM Divine Judgment in Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights 45  
DAVID ROSAND Titian's Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple and the Scuola della Carità 55  
MARCIA B. HALL Michelangelo's Last Judgment: Resurrection of the Body and Predestination 85  
BARRY WIND Annibale Carracci's Scherzo: The Christ Church Butcher Shop 93  
GEORGE S. LECHNER Tommaso Campanella and Andrea Sacchi's Fresco of Divina Sapienza in the Palazzo Barberini 97

KURT W. FORSTER The Palazzo Rucellai and Questions of Typology in the Development of Renaissance Buildings 1109

State of Research
FRANÇOISE FORSTER-HAHN Recent Scholarship on Caspar David Friedrich 113

Book Reviews 117

Letters to the Editor 148

List of Books Received 152

Notes for Contributors 155

1976 June vol. 58, no. 2

FRANKLIN TOKER A Baptistery Below the Baptistery of Florence 157  
THALIA GOUMA-PETERSON The Parecclesion of St. Euthymios in Thessalonica: Art and Monastic Policy Under Andronicos II 168  
CHRISTIANE L. JOOST-GAUGIER A Rediscovered Series of Uomini Famosi from Quattrocento Venice 184  
NAOMI MILLER Musings on Maulne: Problems and Parallels 196  
CHARLES H. CARMAN Cigoli's Annunciation at Montughi: A New Iconography 215  
BRUCE W. CHAMBERS The Pythagorean Puzzle of Patrick Lyon 225  
MARCIA GOLDBERG William Rimmer's Flight and Pursuit: An Allegory of Assassination 234  
WILLIAM H. TRUETTNER Scenes of Majesty and Enduring Interest: Thomas Moran Goes West 241  
MARCIA POINTON William Dyce as a Painter of Biblical Subjects 260  
FREDERICK S. LEVINE The Iconography of Franz Marc's Fate of the Animals 269

WARREN SANDERSON Discussion Some Leaves of a Franco-Saxon Atelier at Trier and Echternach: An Addendum to Ivories from Trier 278  
MICHAEL VICKERS Theodosius, Justinian, or Heraclius? 281

Book Reviews 283

Letters to the Editor 315

List of Books Received 320

1976 September vol. 58, no. 3 

ANNE MCGEE MORGANSTERN Pierre Morel, Master of Works in Avignon 323  
MARION SPEARS GRAYSON The Northern Origin of Nicolas Froment's Resurrection of Lazarus Altarpiece in the Uffizi Gallery 350  
BARBARA HOCHSTETLER MEYER The First Tomb of Henry VII of England 358  
CRAIG HARBISON Dürer and the Reformation: The Problem of the Re-dating of the St. Philip Engraving 369  
ELIZABETH CROPPER On Beautiful Women, Parmigianino, Petrarchismo, and the Vernacular Style 374  
BERNICE DAVIDSON The Decoration of the Sala Regia under Pope Paul III 395 
THOMAS BUSER Jerome Nadal and Early Jesuit Art in Rome 424

Book Reviews 434

Letters to the Editor 473

List of Books Received 478

Notes for Contributors 480

1976 December vol. 58, no. 4 

WILLIAM M. HINKLE The Gospels of Cysoing: The Anglo-Saxon and Norman Sources of the Miniatures 485
JAMES SYNDER Jan van Eyck and Adam's Apple 511  
CHRISTINE HASENMUELLER MCCORKEL The Role of the Suspended Crown in Jan van Eyck's Madonna and Chancellor Rolin 517
GERALDINE WIND The Benedictine Program of S. Giovanni Evangelista in Parma 521  
CAROLYN VALONE Giovanni Antonio Dosio: The Roman Years 528  
CHARLES L. KUHN The Mairhauser Epitaph: An Example of Late Sixteenth-Century Lutheran Iconography 542  
JAMES RUBIN Painting and Politics II: J. L. David's Patriotism, or the Conspiracy of Gracchus Babeuf and the Legacy of Topino-Lebrun 547  
LINDA R. EDDY An Antique Model for Kauffmann's Venus Persuading Helen to Love Paris 569  
JOHN ZUKOWSKY Monumental American Obelisks: Centennial Vistas 574  

RICHARD E. SPEAR Johann Liss Reconsidered 582  
JOHN L. WARD A Reexamination of Van Gogh's Pictorial Space 593  

State of Research 
PRISCILLA E. MULLER Contributions to the Study of Spanish Drawings 604

Book Reviews 612

Letters to the Editor 639

List of Books Received 643

Index to Volume LVIII 645


1977 March vol. 59, no. 1 

ELOISE M. ANGIOLA Nicola Pisano, Federigo Visconti, and the Classical Style in Pisa 1  
ROBERT MUNMAN The Lombardo Family and the Tomb of Giovanni Zanetti 28  
RENSSELAER W. LEE Adventures of Angelica: Early Frescoes Illustrating the Orlando furioso 39  
ROBERT S. LIEBERT M.D. Michelangelo's Mutilation of the Florence Pietà: A Psychoanalytic Inquiry 47  
MARGARET A.S ULLIVAN Madness and Folly: Peter Bruegel the Elder's Dulle Griet 55  
ALLAN SHICKMAN Turning Pictures in Shakespeare's England 67  
HARRIET FEIGENBAUM CHAMBERLAIN The Influence of Galileo on Bemini's Saint Mary Magdalen and Saint Jerome 71  
DAMIE STILLMAN Chimney-Pieces for the English Market: A Thriving Business in Late Eighteenth-Century Rome 85  
NORMA BROUDE Degas's Misogyny 95

FAITH PAULETTE DREHER David Teniers II Again 108

State of Research
REINHOLD HELLER Recent Scholarship on Vienna's Golden Age, Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele 111

Book Reviews 119

Letters to the Editor 156

List of Books Received 157

Notes for Contributors 159

1977 June vol. 59, no. 2 

KAREN GOULD Illumination and Sculpture in Thirteenth-Century Amiens: The Invention of the Body of Saint Firmin in the Psalter and Hours of Yolande of Soissons 161  
JAMES MARROW Circumdederunt me canes multi: Christ's Tormentors in Northern European Art of the Late Middle Ages and Early Renaissance 167  
MICHAEL VICKERS A Greek Source for Antonio Pollaiuolo's Battle of the Nudes and Hercules and the Twelve Giants 182  
ERIKA LANGMUIR The Triumvirate of Brutus and Cassius: Nicolò dell'Abate's Appian Cycle in the Palazzo Comunale, Modena 188  
DAVID KUNZLE Bruegel's Proverb Painting and the World Upside Down 197  
DONALD POSNER Jacques Callot and the Dances Called Sfessania 203  
EDWARD J. SULLIVAN Jacques Callot's Les Bohémiens 217  
DIANE WOLFTHAL Jacques Callot's Miseries of War 222  
ALAN WALLACH The Voyage of Life as Popular Art 234  
FRANÇOISE FORSTER-HAHN Adolph Menzel's Daguerrotypical Image of Frederick the Great: A Liberal Bourgeois Interpretation of German History 242

Book Reviews 262

Letters to the Editor 304

List of Books Received 310

1977 September vol. 59, no. 3 

FRANÇOIS BUCHER A Rediscovered Tracing by Villard de Honnecourt 315  
CLAIRE RICHTER SHERMAN Some Visual Definitions in the Illustrations of Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics and Politics in the French Translations of Nicole Oresme 320  
SUSAN J. DELANEY The Iconography of Giovanni Bellini's Sacred Allegory 331  
DAVID SUMMERS Contrapposto: Style and Meaning in Renaissance Art 336  
NANCY WARD NEILSON Camillo Procaccini: Toward a Reconstruction of the Emilian Years 362  
CHARLES SCRIBNER III In Alia Effigie: Caravaggio's London Supper at Emmaus 375  
WILLIAM BARCHAM Canaletto and a Commission from Consul Smith 383  
DONALD M. REYNOLDS The Unveiled Soul: Hiram Powers's Embodiment of the Ideal 394  
MATHEW HERBAN III The Origin of Paul Gauguin's Vision After the Sermon: Jacob Wrestling with the Angel (1888) 415

MARILYN ARONBERG LAVIN The Antique Source for the Tempio Malatestiano’s Greek Inscriptions 421

Reviews 423

Letters to the Editor 461

List of Books Received 466

1977 December vol. 59, no. 4 

ROBERT GRIGG Symphōnian Aeidō tēs Basileias: An Image of Imperial Harmony on the Base of the Column of Arcadius 469  
VIRGINIA C. RAGUIN The Isaiah Master of the Ste.-Chapelle in Burgundy 483  
JUDITH B. SOBRÉ Bartolomé de Cárdenas, the Piedat of Johan de Loperuelo, and Painting at Daroca (Aragon) 494  
ANDRÉE HAYUM The Meaning and Function of the Isenheim Altarpiece: The Hospital Context 501  
Z. ZAREMBA FILIPCZAK New Light on Mona Lisa: Leonardo's Optical Knowledge and His Choice of Lighting 518  
MARK J. ZUCKER Raphael and the Beard of Pope Julius II 524  
WILLIAM HOOD and CHARLES HOPE Titian's Vatican Altarpiece and the Pictures Underneath 534  
CLAUDIA LAZZARO-BRUNO The Villa Lante at Bagnaia: An Allegory of Art and Nature 553  
GRACE A. H. VLAM The Calling of Saint Matthew in Sixteenth-Century Flemish Painting 561  
JEFFREY M. MULLER Rubens's Museum of Antique Sculpture: An Introduction 571  
SEYMOUR HOWARD Thomas Jefferson's Art Gallery for Monticello 583  
JAMES RUBIN Guerin's Painting of Phedre and the Post-Revolutionary Revival of Racine 601

KATHRYN HORSTE An Addition to the Documentation on the Façade of the Chapterhouse at La Daurade in Toulouse 618

Book Reviews 622

Letters to the Editor 657

List of Books Received 662

Index to Volume LIX 664


1978 March vol. 60, no. 1 

MOJMÍR S. FRINTA The Quest for a Restorer's Shop of Beguiling Invention: Restorations and Forgeries in Italian Panel Painting 7  
JOHN M. RUSSELL The Iconography of the Friedsam Annunciation 24  
J. BEAUDOIN ROSS Jean Cousin the Elder and the Creation of the Tapestries of Saint Mamas 28  
GEORGIA WRIGHT Caravaggio's Entombment Considered in Situ 35  
MADLYN MILLNER KAHR Danäe: Virtuous, Voluptuous, Venal Woman 43
ROBERT B. SIMON Poussin, Marino, and the Interpretation of Mythology 56  
MARY CRAWFORD VOLK On Velázquez and the Liberal Arts 69  
PRISCILLA E. MULLER Maino, Crayer, Velázquez and a Miniature of Philip IV 87  
HARRIET E. SENIE The Tomb of Leo XI by Alessandro Algardi 90  
ROBERT ENGGASS New Attributions in St. Peter's: The Spandrel Figures in the Nave 96  
MARK ASHTON Allegory, Fact, and Meaning in Giambattista Tiepolo's Four Continents in Würzburg 109  
SARA LICHTENSTEIN The Baron Gros and Raphael 126  
LINDA NOCHLIN Lost and Found: Once More the Fallen Woman 139

Reviews 154

Letters to the Editor 192

List of Books Received 198

1978 June vol. 60, no. 2 

WALTER C. LEEDY, JR. The Origins of Fan Vaulting 207
FRANKLIN K.B. TOKER Florence Cathedral: The Design Stage 214
GÖTZ POCHAT Brunelleschi and the Ascension of 1422 232
PIERO MORESELLI The Proportions of Ghiberti’s Saint Stephen: Vitruvius’s De Architectura and Alberti’s De Statua 235
ELOISE M. ANGIOLA Gates of Paradise and the Florentine Baptistery 242
EDWIN HALL and HORST UHR Auerola and Fructus: Distinctions of Beatitude in Scholastic Thought and the Meaning of Some Crowns in Early Flemish Painting 249
DIANE O. SCILLIA Van Mander on Ouwater and Geertgen 271
PAMELA ASKEW Ferdinando Gonnzaga’s Patronage of the Pictorial Arts: The Villa Favorita 274
ULRICH HIESINGER The Paintings of Vincenzo Camuccini, 1771-1844 297
WILLIAM HAUPTMENT Allusions and Illusions in Gleyre’s Le Soir 321
ZIVA AMISHAI-MAISELS Gauguin’s Early Tahitian Idols 331
MARIANNE W. MARTIN Reflections on De Chirico and Arte Metafisica 342

Reviews 354

Letters to the Editor 387

List of Books Received 399

1978 September vol. 60, no. 3 

KATHLEEN CORRIGAN The Ivory Scepter of Leo VI: A Statement of Post-Iconoclastic Imperial Ideology 407  
MICHAEL VICKERS Some Preparatory Drawings for Pisanello's Medallion of John VIII Palaeologus 417  
JUERGEN SCHULZ Jacopo de' Barbari's View of Venice: Map Making, City Views, and Moralized Geography Before the Year 1500 425  
NICHOLAS ADAMS Baldassare Peruzzi and the Siege of Florence: Archival Notes and Undated Drawings 475  
HOWARD SAALMAN Michelangelo at St. Peter's: The Arberino Correspondence 483  
LOREN W. PARTRIDGE Divinity and Dynasty at Caprarola: Perfect History in the Room of Farnese Deeds 494  
MORTON C. ABROMSON Clement VIII's Patronage of the Brothers Alberti 531  
IRVING LAVIN On the Pedestal of Bernini's Bust of the Savior 548

Reviews 550

1978 December vol. 60, no. 4 

ERIC FERNIE The Proportions of the St. Gall Plan 583  
JAMES MARROW A Book of Hours from the Circle of the Master of the Berlin Passion: Notes on the Relationship between Fifteenth-Century Manuscript Illumination and Printmaking in the Rhenish Lowlands 590
ANNE HAGOPIAN VAN BUREN The Canonical Office in Renaissance Painting, Part II: More About the Rolin Madonna 617  
EDITH WARREN HOFFMAN A Reconstruction and Reinterpretation of Guillaume Fillastre's Altarpiece of St.-Bertin 634  
WENDY WOOD A New Identification of the Sitter in Jan van Eyck's Timotheus Portrait 650  
BARBARA LANE Rogier's Saint John and Miraflores Altarpieces Reconsidered 655  
WALTER S. GIBSON Some Flemish Popular Prints from Hieronymus Cock and His Contemporaries 673  
FAITH PAULETTE DREHER The Artist as Seigneur: Chateaux and Their Proprietors in the Work of David Teniers II 682

JEREMY BANGS Pieter Bruegel and History 704

Reviews 706

Letters to the Editor 741

List of Books Received 745

Index to Volume LX 747


1979 March vol. 61, no. 1 

WAYNE BEGLEY The Myth of the Taj Mahal and a New Theory of Its Symbolic Meaning 7  
MADELINE HARRISON CAVINESS Conflicts Between Regnum and Sacerdotium as Reflected in a Canterbury Psalter of ca. 1215 38
HELEN S. ETTLINGER The Iconography of the Columns in Titian's Pesaro Altarpiece 59  
JAMES TURNER The Structure of Henry Hoare's Stourhead 68  
ELIZABETH JOHNS Washington Allston's Dead Man Revived 78  
ADA SHADMI BANKS Two Letters from Girodet to Flaxman 100

NORMAN E. MULLER Reflections in a Mirror: Ambrogio Lorenzetti's Depiction of the Trinity 101

Reviews 103

List of Books Received 158

Notes for Contributors 160

1979 June vol. 61, no. 2 

JEFFREY C. ANDERSON The Illustration of Cod. Sinai. Gr. 339 167  
JERRILYNN D. DODDS The Paintings in the Sala de Justicia of the Alhambra: Iconography and Iconology 186  
RONA GOFFEN Nostra Conversatio in Caelis Est: Observations on the Sacra Conversazione in the Trecento 198  
ESTHER G. DOTSON An Augustinian Interpretation of Michelangelo's Sistine Ceiling, Part 1 223  
JULIUS S. HELD Rubens and Aguilonius: New Points of Contact 257  
ANN UHRY ABRAMS Politics, Prints, and John Singleton Copley's Watson and the Shark 265  
CONSTANCE CAIN HUNGERFORD Meissonier's Souvenir de guerre civile 277  
JAMES L.YARNALL Meryon's Mystical Transformations 289

Reviews 301

Letters to the Editor 336

1979 vol. 61, no. 3 

BARBARA ABOU-EL-HAJ Consecration and Investiture in the Life of Saint Amand, Valenciennes, Bibl. Mun. MS 502 342  
ANNE HAGOPIAN VAN BUREN The Model Roll of the Golden Fleece 359  
CHARLES M. ROSENBERG The Iconography of the Sala degli Stucchi in the Palazzo Schifanoia in Ferrara 377  
BERNICE F. DAVIDSON Pope Paul III's Additions to Raphael's Logge: His Imprese in the Logge 385  
ESTHER GORDON DOTSON An Augustinian Interpretation of Michelangelo's Sistine Ceiling, Part II 405  
WILLIAM BARCHAM Giambattista Tiepolo's Ceiling for S. Maria di Nazareth in Venice: Legend, Traditions, and Devotions 430  
EDWARD J. NYGREN James Ward's Exhibition Pictures of 1838: Controversy in Paint 448  
BARBARA L. MICHAELS An Introduction to the Dating and Organization of Eugène Atget's Photographs 460

CLAIRE RICHTER SHERMAN A Second Instruction to the Reader from Nicole Oresme, Translator of Aristotle's Politics and Economics 468

Reviews 470

Letters to the Editor 505

List of Books Received 511

1979 December vol. 61, no. 4 

SUZANNE SPAIN The Promised Blessing: The Iconography of the Mosaics of S. Maria Maggiore 518  
FLORENS DEUCHLER Duccio Doctus: New Readings for the Maestà 541  
JOHN R. SPENCER Filarete, the Medallist of the Roman Emperors 551
FRANCES HUEMER A Dionysiac Connection in an Early Rubens 562  
THOMAS WORTHEN Poussin's Paintings of Flora 575  
GRIDLEY MCKIM-SMITH On Velázquez's Working Method 589
R. W. LISCOMBE Richard Payne Knight: Some Unpublished Correspondence 604  
NICOLAI CIKOVSKY, JR. The Ravages of the Axe: The Meaning of the Tree Stump in Nineteenth-Century American Art 611

MARY CRAWFORD VOLK Addenda: The Madrid Academy 627

Reviews 628

Letters to the Editor 661

List of Books Received 664

Index to Volume LXI 668

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