Zomick's: Zomick's Bakery Celebrates 50 Years of Existence


With 2016 upcoming, Zomick’s kosher bakery, one the oldest kosher family business in the New York area, is preparing to celebrate their sixth decade of successful work in promoting Jewish culture food. Zomick’s bakery was first opened back in 1966, meaning it has been in business for almost 50 years.
Zomick’s current owner happily recalls the “old times”, when his father passed-down to him both business and bakery craft.
This kosher bakery is not only for folks with dietary restrictions, but for all those wanting to eat healthy food. The owners of Zomick’s say they’ve chosen this concept because they have a passion for fresh, quality food. The business is operated from their own bakery, which is located in Inwood, where all of the products are freshly prepared. 
Zomick’s kosher bakery offers high-protein, gluten-free food that has no artificial ingredients. Their rich assortment of fresh, kosher certified pastries and sweets are ideal for both breakfast and lunch. All products are prepared from the finest ingredients and according to a traditional Zomick’s challah recipe.
The positive atmosphere, the wooden décor and the smell of fresh baked bread, give Zomick’s a pleasant, homey vibe. There is also a display window showcasing the bakery, where bread and pastries are baked every day.  
One of the house specialties is the Zomick’s challah bread, bread that has a long history and is made after an original family recipe. And if you have a sweet tooth, then Zomick’s Bakery has a selection of cakes and cookies whose burst of flavors will leave you wanting more and satisfy your cravings.
From the traditional and simple bread to delectable pastries and cakes, the Zomick’s company has every craving covered, giving consumers more and better choices for their classic baked favorites.
If you cannot imagine starting the day without fresh-baked bread or rolls, Zomick’s bakery is the right choice for you! Crunchy, soft, stuffed, sweet or savory, baked goods including the Zomick’s bread are always straight from the oven. Without a doubt you’ll find the best for yourself and your family from the wide selection of Zomick’s delicious pastries.

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