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The USC Libraries Wonderland Award competition was founded in 2005 by Board of Councilors member Linda Cassady to foster engagement with the libraries’ Cassady Lewis Carroll Collection, donated in 2000 by Dr. George Cassady. Students are encouraged to explore all facets of the Carrollian universe in their projects, which can take the form of artworks, poetry, games, films, plays, nonfiction analyses, and much more. Gathered here and in the other gallery are 42 submissions from the competition’s first 15 years. They may be vastly different in look and feel, but they share a common bond—a love of polymathy, whimsy, attention to detail, and admiration of all things Carrollian. The objects seen here form only a small portion of the Wonderland Award archive. To learn more about the collection and competition, visit libraries.usc.edu/wonderland.

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