Why We Produce Abdominal Fat?

Stop Abdominal Fat! Have a belly thin already!

Why We Produce Abdominal Fat?

Does the calorie you consume turn to abdominal fat or does your metabolism know what to do with food?

If you said abdominal fat! Your body is programmed to produce this undesirable fat!

But do not worry, use the tips below, simple and that anyone can use ...
I even managed to decrease waist 17cm in 63 days with these tips. Without killing me 2 hours a day at the gym, without cutting carbohydrate, without cutting protein, or other fad dietary restrictions!
If you've ever had restrictive diets (Ñ carbohydrates, Ñ proteins and others), then you've certainly lost weight and gained weight all over again. I've been through that!
Because I always ate out of time (coffee at 7, lunch at 2 or 3 pm), I did no physical activity and had a stressful workout routine.
But I could understand that these eating habits made my body live in constant alertness!
If you've ever had restrictive diets (no carbohydrates, no protein, and others), then you've certainly lost weight and gained weight all over again. I've been through that!
Because I always ate out of time (coffee at 7, lunch at 2 or 3 pm), I did no physical activity and had a stressful workout routine.
But I could understand that these eating habits made my body live in constant alertness!

So the first tip is: Eat the right food every 3 hours of your day and thereby disable the mechanisms that produce abdominal fat.

How to avoid abdominal fat production?

So far I have only talked about habits, but now I will talk about the quality of food.
Do you have the patience to buy and wash the vegetables with the necessary nutrients or do you choose not to waste time buying and eating fast food?
Life is very race and more and more we have to be productive and deliver results!
For those who eat lunch outside the home, is it reasonable to associate that the quality of food in the kitchens or restaurants scattered around contribute to abdominal fat?
In my case, since a good part of my job is to look for clients in high-end condominiums, I've been to many restaurants, but I've consumed a lot more kettles, and of different flavors and qualities in several cities in the state of SP and MG.Yeah, that's where I got lost! Running life, stressful and without physical exercise, formed in me the bad habit of eating greasy, salty and sweet foods, producing abdominal fat.
During my dietary re-education process, I learned that healthy eating is about knowing the right qualities and quantities of the nutrients you need to eat daily and that these factors control your craving for sweet, salty and greasy food and that directly affect your production of abdominal fat.

The second tip is: Control the production of abdominal fat by eating healthy foods, fruits, vegetables, milks, lean meats, boiled eggs and others.

How Does Physical Activity Help Eliminate Abdominal Fat?

During my childhood I would swim, I would play volleyball and football and until then I did not understand how after doing sports for so long I started to gain weight.
At that time I ate everything and did not get fat. Afterwards, I could not eat much otherwise I would gain a lot more!
That is terrible! Happened to you Not being able to eat much because otherwise, you would gain weight in an uncontrolled way.
After a few pieces of training I attended I discovered that my metabolism was slow and my gut was not working as it should!
For the worst is eating ... eating ... and not feeling satisfied and looking like there was a hole in the stomach that still contained a lot of food (Que Trash!)
The fact is that I came to college, studies and more studies, and I work, and I did not call sports or walk any more, and my metabolism was still slow and my bowel was not working normally.
The worries and many day-to-day races began to come and physical activities were lagging behind, actually in childhood and adolescence.

Now with 94 kg, a stressful life, personal problems, sedentary, I tried some diets that did not solve my problem, because it emaciated a little and then regained weight. Metabolism and intestine had the same situation described above.
I met Marcos, a Wellness Consultant, who helped me lose 22 kg in 4 months and who today is a mentor to me in this new way of life.
The main role Marcos was to help me develop my eating habits, ingesting healthy eating and encouraged me to practice physical activities such as walking.
The first major change I felt in my body was the bowel regularize, I began to sleep better, the clothes began to play, I acquired the disposition and concentration that I have never had before.
As for physical activities, it was magical!
I started hiking and had a very special reunion with myself, now I had a period of my week to listen to the songs that I liked best, and that brought me memories of special moments.
That is, at that time I had no problems or stress, I just had pleasure!
Sometimes people do not do physical activity because they can not find pleasure in what they do.
I recommend that you start with a walk that can be 20 minutes a day (World Health Organization guidance), but that you put comfortable shoes and clothes and songs that meant something very special to you and that marked the time in your life.
While you have a meeting with yourself, you are improving your mental, emotional and physical state.
The moments when I listened to songs that marked the times and memories, along with the re-education of food and the balanced diet produced the elimination of abdominal fat that I needed!
After I eliminated 22kg and did several pieces of training and became a Weight Loss Coach, to help people who have not yet had the experience of knowing their body, and especially having a date with you.
This has nothing to do with diets based on willpower. It has to do with knowing your body and melting the Abdominal Fat.
If you are good with yourself, you will be fine with anyone!
Today, I do not have to think about the position of the camera to take a picture, nor ... "Damn, this clothes will not wear because it will get too tight!"
To lose weight with diet reeducation, balanced eating and physical activity is to have freedom!
You can eat whatever you want, at special moments with your family and friends, knowing that the other day your healthy eating habits will be well developed and that you will not gain weight all over again just because you are out of your rut!
There is no price to pay for this freedom.
Anyway, I became a Weight Loss Coach to help many people to have freedom and not to be slaves of their guilts!
Very pleased I am Sergio Oliveira, Herbalife Weight Loss Coach.
If you:
- You do not lose weight because you do not know your own body;
- You can not maintain your weight after you lose weight;
"Do not you know what to eat?" How often do you eat? What is the interval between one meal and another?
- Pick up diets from friends or on supermarket shelves and do not have a follow-up.
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