When I Think of Home: Images from L.A. Archives

L.A. Firsts

Los Angeles is home to countless artists, innovators, and trailblazers. Our climate and geography, cultural and ethnic communities, business opportunities and history attract an incredible diversity of people who have fostered a spirit of innovation for generations of Angelenos. The most visible expression of our unique environment and creativity is the entertainment industry, represented in this exhibit with a few perspectives from filmmakers and film workers. But LA is also a source of innovation in many other areas, as we see here. The first freeway in the western United States opened in Pasadena in 1940. Walt Disney conceptualized the idea of a theme park and Disneyland was the first of its kind when it opened in 1955. Researchers at Caltech, UCLA and other renowned universities have been making advances in the sciences for decades. And advocates from historically underrepresented communities have led the way in making change and giving voice to those previously unseen and unheard. The LA region has been, and continues to be, a haven for news ideas and radical thinking that impact the world. The people you will meet and the milestones represented in the following images showcase the unique spirit of Angelenos and all the creativity and ingenuity we have to offer.

LA As Subject is the first consortium of its kind in the United States. Please visit this exhibit to learn more about the work of LA As Subject, the annual Archives Bazaar, and how archivists work to preserve and share regional history.

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