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There are a few things which have to be kept in mind when it comes to web design and development. A few mistakes are made on regular basis by web developers and designers. In this article, we are going to discuss those mistakes and try not to make them when it comes to web development and web design in the future.

Bad navigation
Navigation is the most important thing on a website. it should be simple to navigate. The web developers must ensure that the user gets to the page in just two clicks. Users do not wait for the website to respond for more than a few seconds, as there is a huge competition, there might be many other websites that would be offering the same products and services as yours. Users make their decision in the first 10 seconds they spend on the website. Web developers and designers must ensure to make those 10 seconds worthwhile with proper and simple navigation.

A few advertisements are okay to be displayed on the website, but too many advertisements are a turn off for the users. You have to be selective about the display of advertisements. Also, it is quite irritating to see pop up advertisement while you are navigating, so prefer banner ads or animations on the left or right side of the page.

Content is the king of a website. Make sure that whatever you are willing to tell the user is well delivered and well managed. Too much content on one page is a poor presentation, however; breaking the content in small chunks is better.

The font size and font style is an important thing. You have to ensure that whatever content you have posted on the website is readable and clear. The web designers must match the background color with the font color to make sure that the words are visible and delivering all the information.

Design and layout
Keeping an eye on your competitor’s website is a wise idea, but copying their ideas and layout is never a good option. It is right that the users have expectations and they expect that the websites of businesses of the same industry would be similar, but it is not a practical thing. You have to differentiate yourself from your competitor so you can gain brand recognition.

The colors of a website play an important role in building a brand image. The colors of the website must match with the logo of the website; this is because the website must deliver the sense of the relationship between the brand and its products and services.

Too many windows
It was believed that the taking the user to too many windows while surfing through the website is a great idea. But, now it is not. Not all the users visit the website on their laptops. People use internet o their smartphones, and too many pages on your phone screen can be irritating. You have to deliver all the information on a single page.
Once you get to learn these things and avoid the above-mentioned mistakes in web design and development, there is no way you can fail the website. 


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