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Instagram login - Instagram app account sign in -

Instagram appears to be the world’s third most popular social network at the present time, lagging behind only Facebook and YouTube. If you already have an account in this social network, this Instagram Login guide will demonstrate you how to sign in to your Instagram account within minutes. You will also find a way how to recover your account, as well as many other important tips in this article.

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How to Sign In To

Actually, it is quite obvious that you can use your Instagram account on both mobile devices and PC/laptop. Moreover, the majority of Instagram users use it exactly on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. We will provide comprehensive, detailed guides for any type of a gadget, so you will definitely have no problems while trying to sign in to your Instagram account.


Instagram Login on Windows/Mac

Basically, there is definitely nothing difficult in signing in to your Instagram account on a personal computer or laptop. The entire process will barely take more than a minute, and here you can see how to make an Instagram login step by step.

Login to Instagram on Mobile Devices

It tends to be quite obvious, however, that the easiest way of using Instagram is doing so on a mobile phone. For that purpose, we recommend you to have the Instagram app installed: Instagram for Android and Instagram for iOS. If you have problems with signing in to your Instagram account on a mobile device, stick to the instructions that you can see right below.

What Is Instagram

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing service, which is owned by Facebook, the world’s largest social network. The service started as an exclusive iOS app – the Android version was added only a year later, while the website was launched only 2 years later.

Basically, Instagram allows users to upload photos and videos, share them (using hashtags and location), and apply different filters to the photos and videos. Initially, the service was particularly known for allowing only square photos, but eventually, this requirement has been lifted. Nowadays, this social network is valued around $100 billion.

Recover Instagram Account

In a case that you encountered a problem of being unable to access your account, you are likely to need to recover it. For that purpose, you should have access either to an email address or to a mobile phone, which is linked to your Instagram account. Then, just follow the instructions from the guide below and get your Instagram recovered within minutes.

Instagram Login Problems

Unfortunately, there are plenty of issues that the Instagram users might experience while trying to log in to their accounts. These common Instagram login problems are described here, and we have found solutions to each of them.

I can’t remember the password of my Instagram account. Unfortunately, there is no other way how you can sign in to your Instagram account. If you have lost or forgotten your password, please recover it by using the instructions from our guide above.

I have lost my smartphone and I have the 2-step verification feature turned on. How can I access my Instagram account? In the first place, you should definitely talk to your carrier and recover your mobile phone number. Until you will solve the issue with your carrier, you should talk to the Instagram support and describe them your problem.

How to Sign Out

If you have problems with how to sign out of your Instagram account on PC, we will definitely help you with that. At this point, we will provide you with a quick, simple guide on this matter.

Questions and Answers

Q: How to log in to Instagram using Facebook?
In fact, it is a very simple thing to do. At the stage of the Instagram login form, you should simply click on the “Log In with Facebook” button. However, you must keep in mind that you must be logged in to your Facebook account on that device.

Q: Does Instagram notify you when you log in?
If Instagram finds the activity suspicious or if you have set up the settings so, Instagram will definitely notify you about the sign in attempt. Otherwise, however, you shouldn’t expect it from Instagram and rely on it. Moreover, the notifications usually come to your email address.

Q: How to log in to another Instagram account?
For this purpose, you should first log out of your first Instagram account – please, stick to the instructions from the “How to Sign Out” section at first. Then, you can log in to your other Instagram account – just enter different credentials and that’s it.