[UIUC] MDIA590 / IS596: AI + Democracy – Fall 2020: CRN: 63181 (MDIA590) / 73527 (IS596) – 4 credit hours

Object/Case Study - Mythical/Narrative Dimensions

Object/Case Study - Mythical/Narrative Dimensions:

Select your object/case study (you might already have one in mind that you've cleared with me, or you can use this list to select one). Now consider the question below. Take 30 minutes to write a response to the below. If/as needed, take 30 minutes to skim resources online and to draw them into your response:Send your response to the above along with your Reaction to the Assigned Readings to asaychan@gmail.com by 8PM Tuesday 9/1. We'll create and post the above to our own Scalar page during Week 2 of class.