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[UIUC] MACS364: Food Networks - S2014

Anita Chan, Author

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Part A:

Part B:

When creating my infographic for Chiquita, I had lots of information to work with. In recent years, sustainability has been something of heightened importance to the company, and they have an entire section on their website just promoted to sustainability. In this section, there were several different tabs which talked about the different ways they are trying to promote sustainability in their company. For my infographic, I was trying to highlight the different ways they were helping sustainability in each category, for example, waste management, conservation & reforestation and their connection with the Rainforest Alliance. There was way more information on the website than I could have included in the infographic, but I tried to highlight some key points. My sources for this include the Chiquita website and the Rainforest Alliance website, which both gave very helpful information.

Part C:
After reading through “Trust Us, We’re Experts” this week, I feel like the authors would be skeptical about my design. The book talks about how companies often manipulate consumers into believing in things that might be false advertising and trick people into buying their products for the wrong reasons. It said that one drug company paid the American Heart Association $600,000 just so they could have their logo on the drug. This may also be the case with Chiquita banana. Just because it has the stamp of approval from the Rainforest Alliance, it could have very well been the same as what happened with the American Heart Association. I think the authors would advise people to do research, regardless of what company it is so that you make a well informed decision on whether to buy the project which is not based on advertising.

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