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Transmedia Frictions: The Digital, the Arts, and the Humanities

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Marsha Kinder, Tara McPherson, Andrew Myers, Authors
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Interactive Frictions Conference Reactions

This was a very stimulating series of dialogues you put together at I-Frictions. Thanks.

Mark Amerika
Author of Sexual Blood and The Kafka Chonicles and founder of The Alt-X Online Publishing Network, the Grammatron hypermedia narrative project, and the streaming on-line audio installation, PHON:E:ME.

The Interactive Frictions conference was one of the most inspiring meetings that I have attended. As a student, your mind-expanding classes empowered me for when I entered the industry. I attribute much of my ability to follow my vision to the feminist and theoretical grounding I acquired during those years. Now, as a professional woman working in the Interactive Industry, I was again inspired by all the voices and the thoughts--and by the people behind them. I thank you for the dialogue.

Stephanie Barish
Producer and Creative Director, Survivors: Testimonies of the Holocaust CD-ROM, The Shoah Foundation

I thought Marsha Kinder's Interactive Frictions conference was a splendid event! I found the speakers and panelists overall stimulating, some even scintillating, and it was especially nice to attend an activity where I hadn't heard everything before! I very much appreciate all the work she put into it--hard act to follow!

Gil Blount
Assoc. Prof., Music History and Literature and Director, Ethnomusicology Research Laboratory, University of Southern California

You (and Tara and Alison) should be proud. It was a magnificent and provocative conference. Thanks for including me. I think that you should give some thought to making it an annual event (on the model of Visible Evidence, Consol-ing Passions). There is a unique opportunity here and it will place USC (again) at the very forefront, including recruiting students.

Edward Branigan
Prof. of Film Studies, UC Santa Barbara and author of Narrative Comprehension and Film

Congratulations. I think the fires started at your Interactive Frictions event were a great success. My mind is still churning with the subjects raised, solutions tried and in the works.

Steve Bull
Multimedia Producer

Hope you have survived the conference... And have already heard good things by email about the conference from colleagues at UCLA. Although getting sick meant that I missed the panel, I would like to submit the paper I wrote for the IF conference to the online Spectator issue...Hopefully, I can participate in IF, even in this provisional way. Thanks for your understanding and help.

John Caldwell
Associate Professor of Film & Television, UCLA

A Big Thanks for the IF conference! I enjoyed meeting so many interesting people, who all share an interest in the future of narrative.
Deeje Cooley
Chief Producer, PuppetTime, Inc.

We wanted to thank you for a wonderful conference. It was a perfect combination of speakers and panelists. Thanks for your extraordinary work!

Margaret Crane and Joan Valencia

Congratulations on organizing such a fascinating and useful conference. The word I kept hearing was "exhilarating." Pretty impressive kudos for an academic event, I would say.

Elizabeth Daley
Executive Director of the Annenberg Center for Communication at USC and Dean of the USC School of Cinema-Television

Congratulations on an excellent conference. Please add me to any mailing list for future events.

Ted Fisher
Curator of Digital Media, California Museum of Photography, UC Riverside

Just wanted to drop you a brief note to congratulate you for an incredible conference, and for including us. It was a real pleasure for me to be among such a distinguished group of scholars and artists brought together by you and your hardworking team.

Vilsoni Hereniko
Assoc. Professor of Pacific Island Studies, University of Hawaii

Thanks for including me at interactive frictions. Right now I am in Dresden, Germany, where I am studying an intensive new media and theatre sommerakademie, and also filming and scripting a documentary on the subject. I am still working on the project modem drama, and will be shooting this Saturday in Berlin... I am moving to Berlin for a short period of time, to film and take part in several panels/lectures, and then somewhere in July/August I´ll be in Romania, Serbia, Macedonia or Bulgaria. Hopefully I´ll get back to our part of the world in one piece and with lots of interesting materials. Thanks again. Hopefully we´ll be in touch. nos vemos en el futuro.

Fran Ilich
General director of Cinematik, the first cyberculture festival in Latin America. Author of the best-selling novel Metro-Pop and writer of the series InterAccion. He writes about cyber-culture and global issues and produces Modem Drama, which started as a pilot for HIP TV and Digital Entertainment Network.

In many ways I found Interactive Frictions the most stimulating conference I'd been to in a few years. And you had the best parties.

George Landow
Prof. of English and Art History at Brown University, and a faculty fellow at Brown's Institute for Research in Information and Scholarship, author of Hypermedia and Literary Studies, Hypertext: The Convergence of Contemporary Critical Theory and Technology, The Digital Word, Hyper/Text/Theory, and Hypertext in Hypertext.

Marsha, the conference was just great. I haven't been motivated to sit through every single session of a conference in years and years. Congrats for doing a stellar job.

Brenda Laurel
Co-founder of Purple Moon and of the research staff at Interval Research Corp.

Thank you again for a very ambitious, substantial and successful conference and exhibition. It was great to be in LA and to participate, so I want to let you know that I really appreciate having been included. I have been receiving e-mail commentaries to my work in the exhibition.

George Legrady
Prof. of Electronic Media, Merz Akademie, Stuttgart, and Award-winning multimedia artist whose artworks are represented in the collections of the Centre Georges Pompidou, the National Museum of American Art at the Smithsonian, the Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, and the Musée d'Art Contemporarin in Montreal

Many thanks to you, Alison, and Tara for a terrific Interactive Frictions Conference! The speakers were excellent and provocative (always good), the panels were lively and interesting and the chance to see the works and try them out in such a suitable setting--all combined to create one of the best conferences I've ever attended of this kind! Did I mention how well organized?

While I hoped to get a chance to talk with you, things were humming all the time--and you were surely very busy! I did want to say how positive your influence has been, and how much I liked "Blood Cinema." I somehow missed that the CD-ROM of this was available--and would like to order one if that is possible.

Marjorie C. Luesebrink
Professor of Humanities and Languages
Irvine Valley College

I just have to congratulate you on the most thrilling, wonderful conference. It was really a history-making event, and it was quite brilliantly constructed and executed. I just can't remember when I was last spellbound for three days straight. As you said in your closing remarks, this was certainly a long way from SCS! . . . My thanks for all I learned and for the chance to see so many great people and projects.

Stephen Mamber
Prof. of Critical Studies and Multimedia Specialist, Dept. of Film & TV, UCLA

Congratulations on putting on such an incredible event! I hope that you are getting good rest.

Lev Manovich
Asst. Prof. of Visual Arts, University of California, San Diego

Please accept my heartiest congratulations for pulling off such a stupendous reunion. You and Tara together with Alison, did something that a lot of private and public institutions are not able to do. I am very sensitive to all that lies behind getting together so many talented and diverse people and to coordinate it all with all the attendant demands pulling in every which way. I just got the sense that it all happened because of one simple reason. You three wanted it to take place, and so it did.

Pedro Meyer
Award winning photographer and author of two Voyager CD-ROMs, I Photograph to Remember and Truths and Fictions, and of the award winning photography website, ZoneZero

This is first of all a letter of thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Interactive Frictions Symposium. I thought the symposium and related art exhibition in the Fisher Gallery were put together in an especially thoughtful and successful way. My only regret is that I didn't have time to really take in the work in the gallery at length. Marsha Kinder, Tara McPherson, Alison Trope and also Holly Willis, who co-edited the art exhibit catalogue, have my highest commendation for work well done. They clearly had the support of a large and devoted team, always the sign of a co-operative and productive atmosphere. What I most appreciated about the symposium was the way in which at least two different spheres of academia were united in one discourse. My experience working in new media studies has been that this area and its concerns have been utterly separate from the sphere of film and television out of which I come. I think it is very, very important that this symposium put thinking and work that comes out of literature, popular culture, film theory, television studies and more together. It is a healthy intervention in both computer and media culture and their related studies.

Of course, even though this event was clearly a labor of love for the faculty, staff and students at USC, none of this would have occurred without the resources and administrative backing that made it possible. I would like to assure you that this was money and effort well-spent that has ramifications that go beyond the event itself. I think the results benefit not only USC, but the field of new media studies. For that, I thank you and the institutions you represent personally.

Margaret Morse
Assoc. Prof. of Film and Digital Media at the University of California/Santa Cruz, and author of Virtualities: Television, Media Art and Cyber-culture and editor and principle author of Hardware, Sotware, Artware.

I wish to thank you and Marsha and all the team co-organizing the conference. Looking forward to e-dialogues.

Alok Nandi
Multi-media writer/director based in Belgium and columnist for Inside Internet and Publish

Thanks again for the opportunity to participate. I'm sorry my schedule only allowed for limited attendance but it was clear to me that you organized a terrific conference. Congratulations. I look forward to staying in touch.

Michael Nash
Founder and CEO of Inscape, Creative Director of the AFI's California Digital Arts Workshop, and currently Executive Director of the Madison Project

Thanks for the opportunity to be part of the conference--a truly great event with a lot of flair, style and mix of intellectual rigor and playfulness.

Jan Olsson
Professor of Cinema Studies, Stockholm University, and editor of Allegories of Communications: Intermedial Concerns from Pre-Cinema to the Digital (forthcoming from University of California Press)

It was a pleasure meeting you and attending your conference last week at USC. You did a fabulous job of bringing together a diverse array of thinkers on the subject. It was also great "one stop shopping" for me since I got to meet a lot of the USC folks and find out what's going on campus. I was very impressed and inspired by both what I heard and saw.

Celia Pearce
Multimedia designer and author of The Interactive Book: A Guide to the Interactive Revolution

I just wanted to thank you for inviting me to participate in INTERACTIVE FRICTIONS. Overall it was an extraordinary gathering of some extraordinary people and highly stimulating. I hope you enjoyed it amidst all the responsibilities.

Vivian Sobchack
Assoc. Dean and Professor of Film and TV Studies, UCLA

Congratulations on all of your spectacular successes!

Vibeke Sorensen
Professor of Animation & Digital Arts, USC School of Cinema-TV

Well, Marsha, I have to say that you had gotten some very high level PR from my friend Amanda long before I saw you in action at Interactive Frictions but you not only lived up to my expectations but went beyond are a very real person as well as being a very accomplished one...and your choices for presenter at the conference -- from the young Mexican man who presented with you and Yasmin to Marcos Novak who is out there somewhere in the further reaches of space only explored by Hans Solo himself -- were wonderful! I had a good conversation with Janet Murray who helped me put some of what I was doing with Norman Yonemoto into perspective. You could say that I learned to let go and "surf" psychotherapy from Wednesday's run through of "Cycle Drama" to Saturday's live on-line interactivity. It was certainly an adventure into new spaces for me.

Jane Alexander Stewart
Clinical Psychologist and collaborator on Norman Yonemoto's "Cycle Drama"

I wanted to write to thank you all for inviting us to participate in the Interactive Frictions Exhibition + Conference. I wanted to thank you for your patience and persistence in pulling together the exhibition (+ conference) so successfully.

Beth Stryker
New York webspace artist whose work formulating collaborative, public participatory web spaces is informed by her experience as a curator of digital media and experimental film

With all the transcontinental movements behind me, I look back at the past season and find that Interactive Frictions was the highlight of it. Thank you so much for giving me this chance. The conference was both fun and intellectual satisfaction... I am leaving for Munich, where they asked me to give an IB [Immaterial Bodies] presentation. News travels fast!

Yuri Tsivian
Chair of Film Studies, University of Chicago, and author of Silent Witnesses: Russian Films, 1908-1919, Early Cinema in Russia and its Cultural Reception, and the bilingual CD ROM, Immaterial Bodies: Cultural Anatomy of Early Russian Films

Congratulations on the very successful conference, and the exhibition as well. The conference was beautifully organized, and most unusual for a conference, just about every presentation was top-quality, interesting, and intellectually stimulating (if not challenging). I hope you and your colleagues receive proper credit for this achievement. I am writing to ask you for some information. We are building a new media center here at UC/Irvine, scheduled to open in September of 2000. We expect to feature a lot of digitally-based work. It would be very instructive for our situation, and as a means for educating the University in matters of realism, if you could give me some information both about the conference and the exhibition.

Jeanie Weiffenbach
Director, University Art Gallery and Beall Center for Multimedia, UC Irvine

Bravo for a successful conference! It was an extraordinary weekend. Thanks for all your inspiring effort.

Peggy Weil
PBS Web Lab

Interactive Frictions was really an exciting and wonderful series of events. Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

Richard Weinberg
Research Assoc. Professor and founding director of the Computer Animation Laboratory, USC School of Cinema-Television

Thanks again for a wonderful conference.

Eric Zimmerman
Instructor at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, commercial game designer and artist, and author of the award-winning CD-ROM Gearheads.
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