The Female Refugee Experience in Central Ohio


This project was just a start. 

In this project, I covered the specific histories and gender roles of 6 countries. I also used literature, documentaries, and interviews to understand how women experience their journey and resettlement to Central Ohio. The reoccurring themes and narratives surrounded education, mental health, and gender-based violence. 

I learned that while adjusting to a new life is hard, women are strong and have learned to adapt in many ways. Their situations are COMPLICATED, and there is no simple fix to the challenges they face. However, there are things we can do to make their lives easier. Improving local and international support systems—in areas like education, housing, and employment—and breaking down institutional racism are some large scale changes that need to occur. Being kind and empathetic, respecting those with an accent, and welcoming newcomers into your community are small scale changes that will also make a big difference. 

There are so many more dimensions to refugee women's issues I wish I had time to cover. These include:  


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