Beyond the Boundaries of Fantasia: An ancient imagining of the future of leadership

Contextual Intelligence and Spartan Leadership

Can the Song Remain the same? Arete and sophia

Spartan leaders like Leonidas displayed arete and sophia both in war and politics and similar to what modern scholars have termed the “adaptive capacity,”​ they possessed the ability to adjust to chaos, analyze situations and seize opportunities. In addition to all of this, was a Spartan leader expected to be a paradigm of the Spartan ethos serving as an example of Spartan values and compelling others to uphold the customs of the state?
As you read about Brasidas, consider how the author has chosen to present this leader; what aspects of leadership serve as lessons and examples of good leadership? Is Brasidas a return to the Leonidas style of Leadership?  
As we begin to get to the end of this module, begin to think about how Spartan leadership has or has not changed and how the ideal challenges Spartan leaders as they navigate the realities of their environment. What are the issues that Brasidas must overcome and why do others follow him?

Part 1: Listening To Leadership ​

Part 2: Problem with Spartan Leadership, track 3

Part 3: Activity

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