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Things to see in Michigan

Michigan is geographically remarkable in that it comprises two peninsulas, which the Americans, with typical ingenuity, dubbed the Upper and Lower.

The upper one is like a hook, and the lower one resembles a mitten. Pretty close, there's also Canada. The Niagara River thunders there. Every second, the waterfall dumps five thousand seven hundred cubic meters of water into the lake. Yes, that’s a big lake!

There are five large lakes in the United States, four of which border the Michigan coast: Superior, Michigan, Huron, and Erie.

What should you see in Michigan? That's a great question. We have six options.

The lakes

Lakes would be referred to as seas on the other side of the Atlantic. Examples include the Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea. After all, the future is unpredictable: today, the water splashes from horizon to horizon, and tomorrow, the desert appears out of nowhere. So leave no stone unturned: go to Michigan right away and don't forget to look at the lakes.

The Sleeping Bear's Dunes

For millions of years, glaciers ground the rocks like coffee grounds, transforming them into fine, golden sand.

There is now a pilgrimage here for both locals and tourists. Climbing the dunes is an old family tradition: a wonderful view opens up from above, and sliding down the back is a popular pastime for adults as well as youngsters.

Night clubs

The city goes to sleep, who awakens? - no, not the mafia, but the partygoers! The state has a lot to offer sunset lovers, from traditional jazz clubs to garage dance events.

Are you looking for the hottest swingers clubs in Brevard County? You can drink, dance, and have a good time. If you want to discover more about Brevard nightlife, 313area has the greatest events and things to do in Brevard.


The windmill in De Zwaan, Michigan, and European Holland are like two peas in a pod. And how could it be otherwise when the Dutch, pleasant, highly hardworking people who adore flowers, and dwell there?

Mackinac Island

Mackinac Island is an ideal vacation spot. There are no hotel chains in the area. There are no automobiles. Because in the last millennium, the movement of mechanically driven vehicles was outlawed.

However, there are a lot of flowers and vegetation. There is a stunningly beautiful Arch Rock. There are some breathtaking views. There is a large hotel built in the style of Victorian elegance. The hotel has no elevators. There is a historical fort, young men in uniform from the War of Independence patrol the fortress land, and for $50 you can shoot with a cannon.

You can only go about the island on foot or by bicycle. And, of course, on horses' backs. At the height of the tourist season, up to 500 percherons and huge Belgian draft horses labor here, pulling carts full of people.


This is a truly iconic city. A city that knows how to make cars and good music; a city that has seen golden times and a great decline. Trendy shops on one side of the street that can shine with windows and broken houses with broken windows on the other; many Americans will think we are insane if we recommend a visit to Detroit. But it's worth it: the Henry Ford Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Eastern Market, and Belle Isle... You have to see it.

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