Six (Linear) Feet

Summer Showcase June 2021

We are planning for an exhibition of works in person for Fall of 2021. In the meantime, enjoy the below updates from our artists on their projects from our Summer Showcase! 

[Updates from our summer showcase coming soon, this page still under construction]

Enrique Castrejon

Chosun Family

Aimee Goguen

Harris Kornstein
Inside Right is a set of rubber stamps representing California queer bars that were in operation at the start of the pandemic (including those that have since closed). The piece invokes the impossible intimacy of queer bar and nightlife culture during the pandemic — and the both the thrills and challenges of reopening — with the attendant multi-sensory experiences of being packed into these often small but sacred spaces of sexuality, performance, and community.  The work is inspired by the stamps used to mark entry into the club — a practice at the peak of the pandemic would have been especially dangerous given the physical proximity and interpersonal touch needed to mark the skin.

Sandra Rosales


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