Six (Linear) Feet

Kayla Tange

Kayla Tange was born in South Korea and adopted by a Japanese American family. Her love for poetry and photography slowly progressed into a conceptual performance practice that incorporates elements of exotic dancing. Physical and psychic boundaries, sexuality, and permanence are also recurring themes. She is the co-producer of Sacred Wounds, an online show focused around ritual, subverting cultural stereotypes, and ancestral healing for Asian performers and cultural producers. Tange is also known as “the erotic conceptualist” under the performer name Coco Ono, where she expresses racial stereotyping, emotional, physical, and societal confines – often in dark humor. Coupling her experiences and a fascination for admission while recalibrating her own sexuality, the work is created to facilitate meaningful dialogue, highlighting the common human condition, our need for connection and belonging. Her work has been exhibited at Human Resources, Highways, RedCat, Torrance Art Museum, CalArts, and Performance Studies International, Melbourne. She is completing her BA in Art at University of California Los Angeles.

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