Shakespeare in the Digital Age

ENG 318: A Pop-Culture Shakespeare

This anthology is the culmination of two semester-long projects with the Spring 2015 and Fall 2016 classes taking ENG 318 (Shakespeare: The Major Works) at York College, CUNY.

Working in groups, students annotated and enriched Shakespeare's plays with popular culture references, linking and critiquing everything from films, television shows, blogs, and Twitter accounts inspired by the Bard.

For the first version of this edition (SPRING 2015: Much Ado About Nothing; Merchant of Venice; Twelfth Night; Richard III; Othello; Macbeth), we choose to use the texts from Open Source Shakespeare. The second version of this edition (FALL 2016: Loves Labours Lost; As You Like It; Richard II; Measure for Measure) uses the open-access, open-source texts from the Folger Digital Texts. We are grateful to the editors associated with both projects for providing us with high-quality, clean versions of the plays.

Click through the plays below to see the work of our student editors.

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*Photo credit for featured image: Surlan Soosay

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