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Tanya Efremova

Tatiana Efremova is a PhD candidate in Comparative Literature at New York University. Tanya’s dissertation focuses on nostalgia and the body in post-Soviet Russian film, media, performance, and visual culture. She has received her M.A. in Comparative Literature from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and holds a degree in American Studies from the University of Massachusetts at Boston, where she did interdisciplinary research as a Fulbright graduate student. In the fashion chapter of her dissertation "Remediating Desire: Bodies of Nostalgia in Russian Culture under Putin" Tanya explores how contemporary Russian fashion uses elements of Soviet design and Soviet aesthetics of representing the athletic body to create an emphatically post-Soviet look that has been popularized in the West as a Russian “national product.” Her work has appeared in academic journals Digital Icons, Kinokultura, and Senses of Cinema. She has also written on contemporary Russian culture for the online Moscow media The Village.

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