Scholarly Fashion



Your grade for this class consists of 3 components:

Attendance/Participation (+ comments) 15%
Weekly Blogposts 35%
Final Project  50% (15% presentation + 35% finished draft) 


Although I am generally understanding about various circumstances (and especially so in the midst of the pandemic), you should keep in mind that absences will impact your attendance and participation grade. The class is small so, please, email me if you have to miss a session. The class is small so, please, be prepared to contribute to the discussion every session. You can meaningfully participate in class only if you have done the reading. Being absent at 5 or more sessions results in failing the class.


Every week you will be writing a blogpost (500-700 words) synthesizing ideas from the reading and discussion and developing them further. There is a total of 5 blogposts each worth 20 points. To get maximum points your blogpost has to:

1. Reference BOTH the readings for the week and the discussion
2. Develop the points coming from the reading and discussion further (summary is not enough)
3. Use at least one example (image or video) and offer its close analysis in the form of an annotation
4. Be submitted by 5pm every week's Friday

In addition to a blogpost you are expected to write two comments on the blogposts of your peers every week. These comments may engage with the ideas you thought were interesting in the post, provide more examples, ask questions. The comments are not graded but they are factored into your participation grade. Make sure that your comments are posted by Monday, 11 am of every week.

THE FINAL PAPER (click for more instructions)

You have an option of writing a traditional final paper (8-10 pages) or present your final project in the form of a Scalar book (appr. 2,500- 3,000 words). In you final paper, you can build on the ideas from (1 or 2) blogpost(s) that you made over the course of the semester (but it cannot be JUST a combination of your blogposts). You can choose your topic on your own, in consultation with me, or respond to a prompt. You should be ready to present on your topic by the final class. The final version of the paper/Scalar book is due July, 3rd, 5pm. Late work will be graded down by 1/2 of a letter grade every 24 hours.

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