Review (Enhanced Digital Version): Mimi Gardner Gates and Josh Yiu, eds. Chinese Painting & Calligraphy. Seattle: Seattle Art Museum, 2011.

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         In June 2017, The Art Bulletin published reviews of six online catalogs issued by the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, the Seattle Art Museum, the Arthur M. Sackler and Freer Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Tate, United Kingdom, and the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, the first time that this quarterly publication has considered digital scholarship in its reviews section.

          This Scalar project is an enhanced digital version of one of these reviews, written by Stephen H. Whiteman and originally published in The Art Bulletin 99:2 (June 2017): pp. 189-93. It expands upon the substance of its print counterpart by inviting readers of the review to engage directly with the Chinese Painting & Calligraphy catalog, with the capacity to follow the path that the reviewer has laid out, to browse the breadth of the collection, and to explore the details of any single image. But, it also sends the reader in many new directions and to other relevant sites and projects.

          ‚ÄčThis digital publication is the product of a collaboration between:
          Stephen H. Whiteman, University of Sydney (Author)
          Nancy Um, Binghamton University (Reviews Editor of The Art Bulletin, 2015-2018)
          Lauren Cesiro, Binghamton University (Digital Content Manager)

Images from Chinese Paintings & Calligraphy were generously provided by the Seattle Art Museum. Screenshots were used with the permission of the museum. Thanks are due to the many people who consulted on the project, including Nina Athanassoglou-Kallmyer, Sarah Betzer, Lory Frankel, Sarah Zabrodski, Joe Hannan, Betty Leigh Hutcheson, Alyssa Pavley, and Katy Homans. Marcia Focht was our metadata expert. Cecilia Wichmann and Lex Taylor generously aided with technical concerns.

How to cite this project:
Stephen H. Whiteman with Nancy Um and Lauren Cesiro. Review (Enhanced Digital Version), Mimi Gardner Gates and Josh Yiu, eds., Chinese Painting & Calligraphy. Seattle: Seattle Art Museum, 2011. Also published in The Art Bulletin 99:2 (June 2017): 189-93. Access date,
Front cover & background image:
Cheng Zhidao, Jieyu Defending the Emperor from a Bear, ca. 1740 (detail)
Source: Seattle Art Museum

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