Revolutionary Women In Jazz

Revolutionary Women In Jazz

Revolutionary Women in Jazz aims to inform users about the trajectory and path breaking experiences of talented women from different ethnic backgrounds who defied societal norms.  The project examines their struggle against gendered and racialized social standards during the mid- twentieth century.  This digital project defines “Revolutionary Women in Jazz” by referring to women who had to overcome barriers of race, musical talent, and/ or gender oppression.  While many of the women shared common themes, i.e., family life, influence, the sources did not yield a similar result for all of the women.  However, because of the information's relevance, our DHi team deemed it important to include. We found the following women to be just a few Revolutionary Women in Jazz out of many: Ann Rabson, Dianne Reeves, Etta Jones, Holly Hofmann, Maria Schneider, Mary Lou Williams, Michi Fuji, Nancy Wilson, Terri Lyne Carrington, and Vi Redd.

How To Use This Website

Navigating and using this website is very simple. At the top left of the website there is an icon that when hovered over with the mouse reveals the navigation menu for the website. From here, you can access and explore any part of the website and visit pages on each individual woman. Also included on the webpages are YouTube videos of various video clips of the particular woman beign interviewed. They can simply be viewed by clicking on them effectively pressing play. After that there are also full transcripts of the interviews that can be viewed.

Sarah Pickup, Lissette Acosta, Matt Goon, and Terri Moise completed this project in fulfillment of the partial requirement of the Introduction to Digital Humanities Course taught by Dr. Angel Nieves at Hamilton College.
  1. Table of Contents
  2. Ann Rabson
  3. Dianne Reeves
  4. Etta Jones
  5. Holly Hoffman
  6. Maria Schneider
  7. Mary Lou Williams: A Documentary by Carol Bash
  8. Michi Fuji
  9. Nancy Wilson
  10. Terri Lyne Carrington
  11. Vi Redd
  12. Process
  13. Annotated Bibliography
  14. Works Cited

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