Netflix Culture: The Effects of Netflix on Society

Are You Still Watching?

A mild inconvenience for binge-watchers is the "Are you still watching?" feature that Netflix has maliciously included. This feature pauses the film or show every few hours just in case the person watching has fallen asleep. Now, we all know that the creators of Netflix have incorporated this feature just to help us out. Nobody wants to accidentally sleep through a couple of episodes and wake up dazed and confused about what is happening. However, viewers can't help but feel as if Netflix is judging them.
It is common to find people using Netflix as an aid to procrastination. Whether it be someone who should be getting their research assignment done, someone who needs to be getting ready for work, or someone who just needs to walk their dog, Netflix can be a temporary escape from daily responsibilities. This can cause the feeling of guilt to settle in while watching. If there isn't already enough pressure from your subconscious asking, "Should I really be watching Netflix right now?", then Netflix will top off the job by demanding to know if you're still watching. This is why some can feel as if Netflix is judging them for watching 6 hours of The Walking Dead. "Are you still watching?" comes off as "Are you really still watching?" Stop being so condescending, Netflix. Let us procrastinate in peace.  

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