What is Plagiarism And How To Avoid It In Your Term Papers

Many students are afraid of plagiarism. They don't know exactly what plagiarism is, and so they also have no idea how to avoid plagiarism. 

First of all:  Plagiarism is a violation of copyright and is therefore sanctioned. So plagiarism is not a trivial offense. As a rule, one speaks of plagiarism if a third-party work is wholly or partially issued as a separate work.

Very few students plagiarize out of bad faith. Plagiarism is mostly the result of ignorance. More on that in a moment. 

What exactly is plagiarism?

It is a matter of plagiarism ifI often experience that students provide correct evidence when they reproduce thoughts or results from the literature, but adopt entire sentence components from the author. If you are referring to a thought from the literature, then you have to put it into your own words.    

Why do students plagiarize?

Students plagiarize because they ...

How can you avoid plagiarism?