Buying YouTube Views – The Good, And The Bad

YouTube is second only after Google when it comes to popularity as a search engine. According to statistics, up to 2.3 billion people log on to YouTube every month. 

In addition, the time spent watching YouTube views is a staggering 1 billion hours daily. This means that people watch YouTube videos more than on any other platform. 

But up to 4.69 billion videos are uploaded on YouTube every month, did you know that? This data is proof that there is a cutthroat competition between videos and which ones get the most views. 

For the longest time, buying YouTube views, likes, or subscribers has got a bad rep. Nevertheless, the business of buying YouTube views is a flourishing one. 

So, why is the number of views you get on a YouTube video such a big deal? Find out in this post. We've also dug into the pros and cons of buying YouTube views so you can make the most informed decision. 

Why the number of views on YouTube video matters
Similar to other algorithms, YouTube's algorithm also keeps changing and updating. However, the number of views on a video is one of the key parameters determining the overall performance. 
Here's why the number of views on a YouTube video is important:
It influences other engagement metrics.
When it comes to metrics of YouTube engagement, they are very closely related. So when a subscriber or a non-subscriber watches a video, it also determines whether you get a like or a dislike. In addition, the number of subscriptions is also directly tied to the number of views on a video. 

Monetization is also directly tied to viewership.
Millions of YouTube content creators make money from the platform. Some of the top earners from YouTube bring home up to six-figure paychecks from creating video content alone. 

When a viewer watches your video, they advertently also watch ads that appear with the videos. And as a content creator, you get 68% of revenue from the ads. So naturally, when the number of viewership increases, the number of figures of your paycheck also increases. 

It establishes your presence on the platform. 
According to the updated 2021 YouTube algorithm, one of the parameters is that the algorithm recommends the most successful videos to viewers. The app's algorithm measures the average percentage viewed, average view duration and picks them up for a recommendation. 

This means that YouTube videos that have high viewership will continue to dominate the platform. Therefore, if your video gets a good number of views, it will favor YouTube's algorithm, establishing the creator's credentials. 

Now that you know why the number of views is important, let us check out the benefits of buying YouTube views.

Benefit of buying YouTube views

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Numbers attract more views
Numbers matter a lot. 

Irrespective of how boring your videos might be, a high number of views instantly put them in demand. If your YouTube videos have many views, YouTube users immediately assume that it is the next viral video and watch it. After all, no one wants to be the last to know about the latest viral video. 

On the other hand, an exceptionally interesting video that has fewer views gets pushed aside. So, buying YouTube views from https://www.followerfast.com/youtube-klicks-kaufen/ can give you the numbers you need on your videos. 
It pushes your ranks on the platform. 
Buying YouTube views puts a certain number of viewership on your videos. As your videos start getting traction, it increases the overall engagement metrics. This includes the number the likes as well as subscribers. 

YouTube video getting a lot of attention is a magnet for the platform's algorithm. Your videos will start appearing on YouTube's homepage. Statistics show that less than 70% of YouTube users do not go beyond the first page. Therefore, if you get your video placed on YouTube's homepage, it increases your ranking significantly. 
A chance for your videos to go viral 
Even the most popular influencer's videos do not always go viral. It is all about the numbers, after all. However, if you can get one of your videos to go viral, it paves the way for other videos to do well in the future. 

Some of the best websites give you the option to buy up to 100,000 views, which is fantastic. The opportunity to buy as many YouTube views as you can afford gives everyone a shot to become the next big name on the platform. 
Hassle-free transactions 
Contrary to popular misconception, buying YouTube views is extremely easy. Most websites and third-party services that provide this service are very user-friendly. In addition, the transaction process is effortless. 

Furthermore, these service providers have excellent support. If you're wondering about the price, there are several packages available for every budget. So whether you want to spend $5 or $500 for buying YouTube views, you will have options. 
Bring home more money. 
With a higher number of views on your YouTube channel, the result is a higher return on investment. More people watching your videos mean that your marketing ads will reach a wider audience. 

Whether you tie up with brands for sponsorship or commission-based partnership, it will also increase your overall income from YouTube. In addition, a higher number of views also bring your channel to the attention of big brands, so you get a chance to work with them. 
Accelerate your success rate
To say that most YouTubers slog on the platform for many years without any credible success is an understatement. For some, this success on the platform does not even come after years of hard work. 

After all, there are more than 1.5 million major influencers on YouTube. If you count the micro-influencers on the platform, the number and the competition get even tougher.

So buying a good number of YouTube views guarantees your success. When your videos get a high number of views, you are worth watching and following.  
The bad about buying YouTube views and what you can do 

Lack of ad revenue 
Buying YouTube views will only bring you the views and rarely ad revenue. So if you are expecting to start earning directly from buying the number of views, you will be disappointed. 

What you can do – A higher number of views can attract more organic viewership to your channel, so it is not all bad. But the process of positively influencing other engagement metrics can usually be slow, so don't expect overnight results. 
Abnormal results can cause suspicion. 
When you buy YouTube views, the numbers can appear all at once. A large number of views that pop up on a video at one go is very unusual. This can even appear suspicious to YouTube's algorithm, which can lead to consequences.

What you can do – To avoid suspicion, look for a provider that sends the views at different times. So you can choose to get 500 views at the one-hour mark and another 500 after a couple of hours. 

You can also buy two or three smaller packages that offer 1500 to 2000 views instead of buying a 100,000 package at one go. Breaking up the views into smaller units can make it seem organic and natural.  

Another smart way to avoid abnormal activity on your YouTube engagement is to buy other services. This can be likes or the subscriber count to balance out the metrics. 
High chances of encountering scammers 
Several third parties offer YouTube views with different packages. However, not all providers deliver their promises. Like any niche-specific service, several sites that advertise YouTube views and likes also turn out to be scammers. 

In this regard, any site that advertises exceptionally high numbers of YouTube views or likes should sound an alarm. The same is also true for those third-party services that promise instant results at very low prices. 

What you can do – Research the company or the website to make sure they provide high-quality services. In addition, reading customer reviews about third-party YouTube services can also be very helpful. 
Should you buy YouTube views?
A straightforward answer? Yes! 

All search engines' algorithms keep changing frequently. So there is no saying when the YouTube algorithm that was introduced in 2016 will switch its tactics. 

However, at present, how the YouTube algorithm works is pretty clear. Here's our explanation.

The viewers have a massive influence on the algorithm. The number of views and how viewers react to videos greatly influence how the platform runs. Irrespective of the quality and content of the video, if people are watching it, the algorithm will recommend it. Even if you are a YouTuber with very few subscribers or videos, it does not matter.

However, the algorithm is in place for a reason. And hundreds of thousands of views coming from bots can backfire. Therefore, it is paramount that you buy YouTube views from a credible source. 
Wrapping Up 

Considering all the pros and cons of buying YouTube views, the benefits outweigh the cons by a substantial degree. It is a fantastic way to get your footing on one of the top social media platforms. 

Buying YouTube views is straightforward too. In addition, you also get options irrespective of your budget. 

If you're ready to buy YouTube views for your channel, we invite you to check our packages.