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Hotmail login email, Msn Hotmail sign up in - login

Hotmail is an email service which was brought out very early and used by lots of people. Nowadays, with Hotmail or Outlook account, you can use all email services and of course, other services of Microsoft.

Follow below instruction to sign up Hotmail (images):

1. Open Firefox or Google Chrome, Safari, Opera browsers,... then Click here to go to Hotmail sign up form.

2. Fill the information into boxes below:


After filling out the information in the Name text box, click on "Or get a new email address" then enter further information about User Name.



Country / region: Country in which you live and work. You just have to fill in all the information above.

3. Enter correctly words which are displayed on the screen, if you couldn't see it clearly, click New to get a new code or click Audio to listen to that code.

4. After fill in all necessary information, click Create account to create an account. Then you have just successfully created a new account, and you can use it right now.

After you've successfully created, Microsoft will lead you to a welcome page, do not care about that.

The first time you login Hotmail, it will display two options:

1. Create an Alias: Create a nickname for this email account. If you choose this option, you will be redirected to confirm the account. You should choose the option Text or Email:

- If you choose SMS: Enter the last 4 numbers of your phone number in the text box and press Send code button. Microsoft will send one SMS to your mobile phone, open to take the confirmation code, fill it in the website which is being opened and click Submit.

- If you choose Email: enter the email into text box, then click Submit. After that, you open this email, click on the link in the email to confirm.

2. Skip for now: You should choose this option if you do not want to create a nickname.

How to login to Hotmail or

Before logging into Hotmail, you should have had a Hotmail or Outlook account.
Hotmail sign up


  1. Hotmail sign in or Hotmaillogin can be done via visit: or by click on the link Click here
  2. You are supported 2 options which are: The first one is immediately logging in with your Hotmail or Outlook account. The other is registering a new Hotmail account.
  3. If you have already had a Hotmail account, all you have to concern is entering your login information. You have to enter your email address in form of abc@hotmail.comor The next step is the password corresponding with the account above.
  4. After having made sure that you've entered correctly the email address as well as password. Press Log in button.
  5. Checking the "Keep me signed in" box to be easy to stay signed into your account.
  6. With 4 simple steps, you are able to log into Hotmailaccount to send and receive email as well as use other services of Microsoft such as SkyDriver or Azure…

Note: Two-step verification mode when you log in will keep your Microsoft account safer. Because, besides usual password, you also need the security code sent via mobile phone or secondary email address to log into your account.

Hotmaillogin with single-use code

Signing in to Hotmail doesn’t always need your username and your password. You can also make use of a single-use code to get into your inbox. A single-use code is a code that can be used once when signing Hotmail. This can provide you security if ever that you need to open your Hotmail account on a public PC.

You can easily get the code by going to the Hotmail Sign in page and click the button that says “Sign in with a single-use code”. You have to give your Microsoft Account name and your phone number and then click the “Text me the code” button.

How to Enable Two-Step Verification

A Two-Step Verification is an effective way for you to secure your account. Aside from providing your password, you will also need to give a contact method. There are two forms of identity required in this process so it will be hard for anyone to access your Hotmail account. You can set up this feature using your email address, phone number, and authenticator application. If you will sign in to Hotmail using another device in a new location, you will receive a code that you will use in the sign in page.

If you turn this feature on, you have to wait for the code that will be sent to you via email, text message, or get it from the authenticator app. Go to the Security settings and sign in with your account. Under the Two-Step Verification, you can choose if you will turn this on or off. On the other hand, if you will turn this off, you only have to verify your identity using the code.

Hotmail Sign In with Two-Step Verification

Once you have enabled the Two-Step Verification, you will need to provide your password and a security code every time you log in to Hotmail. Fill up the information required in triggering the code. You can also make use of the authenticator app to enter the code. If ever that the app does not support security codes you can simply go to the security info page where you can create an application password that you can use to log in.

Sign In to OneDrive

With your Hotmail - Outlook - Microsoft account, you can be able to sign in to OneDrive which is an online storage space for all your documents. This will enable you to access your files anywhere you are and can also alleviate your worries if ever that your computer crashes down. You can also edit and share the files with other people.

Log in to Skype with Your Hotmail Account

You can use your account to access Skype by merging the two. You have to go to the Skype window and click the Microsoft Account button. You have to fill up the information required and then click the button that says “I have a Skype Account”. Click your account name and provide your password.

Skype will inform you that you will need to use your Microsoft account when logging in to Skype. Click “Continue” and customize the settings like the sound and video. You can also place a profile picture if you want. You can already start using Skype.

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