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Hotmail email login, Msn Hotmail account login mail -, which is also widely known as Hotmail, appears to be one of the most popular email service providers in the world. There are many webmail options available nowadays, but Outlook (which also owns Live, Hotmail and MSN 365) is the most popular one. If you wanna be an Outlook or Windows Live Hotmail user, this step-by-step guide will show you how to complete a Hotmail sign in procedure on different devices. We will also provide you with different solutions to the most common Hotmail login problems, including the recovery of your account.

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How to Sign In To /

Obviously, there are many ways of using your Hotmail email address. For instance, you can use on both your PC/laptop and your mobile devices, such as smartphones or laptops. Our guide will provide you with instructions on how to log in to your account on different devices. Enjoy!


Hotmail Login on Windows/Mac

As a matter of fact, the easiest way to use your Hotmail account is to do so on your personal computer or laptop (windows or mac). For that purpose, you should complete a simple login procedure, which appears to be incredibly quick and fast. As you will learn from this guide, you need only a minute of sign in to your account.

Hotmail Sign In on Mobile Devices

You are also able to use your Hotmail account on tablets and smartphones, regardless of whether they are iOS or Android. The easiest way of using Outlook on mobile devices is to do so via the official Microsoft Outlook app: you can download it for iOS and Android. You can also log in to your Hotmail account in a mobile browser, but that is far less convenient than doing so via the mobile apps.

What Is Hotmail

Windows Live Hotmail Messenger, which is nowadays also known as, appears to be an internet portal and a provider of email services. Once, Hotmail was the most popular provider of email services in the world. Microsoft acquired Hotmail soon after the company’s foundation in 1996, yet the service was replaced by only in 2013.

Hotmail sign in problems - Recover Hotmail Account

If you aren’t able to log in to your account, chances are that you might have forgotten your password – or it was stolen. In such a case, you should recover your Hotmail account as soon as possible. As you will learn from this part of the guide, you are able to recover your email account within minutes!

Hotmail Sign In Problems

There are numerous issues that might prevent Hotmail users from accessing their accounts. At this stage of our guide, we will provide the users with common Hotmail sign in problems and solutions to such issues.

My Hotmail account has been blocked. How can I unblock it? It is likely that your account could have been blocked due to malicious activity or because someone else tried to access it. If you wish to unblock it, you should start logging in to it. Then, you will see a notification that the account is blocked – click on “Continue” then. Then, choose a method of confirming that it’s you and enter the verification code in the provided field.

Hotmail says that there is no such Hotmail account that I enter. First of all, you should check once more whether you enter the details correctly. If the problem persists, you should contact the Hotmail support (create a new account for that purpose) and describe your problem. It is also likely that you might have deleted your account in the past. Remember that in 90 days after deleting your Outlook account, it gets erased forever.

How to Sign Out

If you want to log in to Hotmail with a second account, you need to sign out of your first Hotmail account. At this point of the page, we will simply show you that there is nothing easier than to sign out of your account. Just stick to our instructions.

Hotmail sign out from PC

Questions and Answers

Q: Can I log in to Hotmail on a mobile device without installing the application?
Yes, you obviously can do it via a mobile browser. However, we should warn you that using the mobile browser instead of the app tends to be very inconvenient.

Q: How to log in to a different account?
For this purpose, you should sign out of your first Hotmail account in the first place – just follow the guidelines from the “How to Sign Out” section. Then, just use one of your guides to log in to your other Hotmail account.

Q: Can I log in to my Hotmail account without password?
Unless it’s a mobile app and the account there is saved, you can’t do that, unfortunately. Please, recover your password by sticking to the guidelines from the “Recover” section of our guide.

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