Location, Space, and Women In Jazz

Other DH Method


Our goal for this project was to show how location influences the careers of women in jazz. In order to do this, we tried to implement an interactive map, or digital mapping, to show where the four women that we researched were born, raised, and where they focused their careers.




Due to some issues with Scalar, time constraints, and lack of computer skills, we were unable to make this map a reality. After visiting many different Digital Humanities projects, we came to the conclusion that the best projects were those that were interactive and accessible. We wanted to incorporate these aspects into our project, "Location, Space, and Women in Jazz." We were hoping to be able to have a map where when the user hovers over a specific location with their mouse, a caption appears, describing where the specific women originated, and where they performed in gigs.


We thought that an interactive map would provide more depth into our project, and would allow the user to explore different areas and locations that they might be interested in.


While we were unable to make the DH map come to life, it made us realize how much time it takes for DH methods to be implemented into projects. We were excited to see how location influence the four women's careers, but unfortunately we were unable to implement this successfully.


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