In the Margins

The Lexos workflow

So, you've got a group of texts and you want to explore them in new (computational) ways. But, where to start? What to do first? There are many decisions to make as you apply computational methods to your digital files.

Upload --> Scrub --> Segment --> Count --> Cull --> Analyze --> Visualize
(follow a path or jump around, repeat as needed)

The Lexos workflow provides a user experience that calls attention to the series of decisions you must make when working with digital texts. Together, a series of decisions in a workflow represents your experiment's methodology, essentially the Methods section in a publication. In addition to providing entry points for discussions of the workflow (e.g., sharing effective practices when making choices), it has not escaped our notice that by explicitly addressing the many steps in the process strengthens the dissemination of results and lends to the repeatability of experiments.

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