In the Margins

The BubbleViz Tool

BubbleViz offers an alternative to word clouds as a method of visualizing the Document-Term Matrix. They present terms arranged inside circles ("bubbles") sized according to the terms' frequency within the text. BubbleViz graphs enable you to get a sense of the content in your corpus, and they are very good for presentations. To generate a BubbleViz, select some or all of your active documents using the Select Document(s) check boxes. The Lexos BubbleViz tool allows you to control the Graph Size (in pixels) and to filter the Maximum Number of Terms. You can also set a Minimum Term Length: the minimum number of characters required in a term for it to be added to the graph. Once you have chosen your options, click the Get Graph button to generate the graph. If you then wish to download the graph as a PNG file, click the Save as PNG button.

Run your mouse cursor over the bubble to open a tooltip showing the number of times the term occurs in you selected document(s).

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