Hired to Depress: A Digital Scholarly Edition of William Blake's Annotations to Sir Joshua Reynolds' Discourses

Some Account x

lected this period of his life, he always spoke
of it as so much time thrown away, (so far
as related to a knowledge of the world and
of mankind,) of which he ever afterwards
lamented the loss. However, after some
little dissipation, he sat down seriously to
^he study and practice of his art; and he al-
ways considered the disagreement which
induced him to leave Mr. Hudson as a very
fortunate circumstance, since by this means
he was led to deviate from the tameness and
insipidity of his master, and to form a man-
ner of his own.
While in this career, the first of his per-
formances which brought him into any con-
siderable notice, was the portrait of Captain
Hamilton, father of the present Marquis of
Abercorn, which he painted so early as in
the year 1746.8 When at a late period of
8 It is now in the possession of the Marquis o£ Aber-
corn ; and there is a portrait of the same gentleman with
his children around him, a small family-piece, painted 

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