Mapping Urban Cafés and Modern Jewish Culture

Cafés in Vienna

"The Yiddish poet Melech Ravitch, who was born in Radymno, East Galicia, and moved to Vienna from Lemberg in 1912, wrote about his “dream of Vienna,” a dream which he first had a long time before his actual arrival:

My dream was interwoven with the great and world-famous Viennese literature: Schnitzler, Altenberg, Richard Beer Hofmann, Stefan Zweig, Hugo von Hofmansthal, with Viennese art and Viennese was bubbling, filled with hopeful youth that knows not even exactly what it wants. How it came about that I combined all my Viennese dreams and hopes with an unshaken determination to be and to remain a Yiddish writer? That I cannot remember today.91" (94)

Arkaden/Arcaden Café
Café Central
Café Griensteidl

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Café Museum
Café Herrenhof
Café Rotunde
Café Heinrichhof
Silver Coffeehouse
Kolschitzky's Café
Café Landtmann

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