Maca Root Capsules For Men & Women - Increase Drive - Dosing & Safety

What Is Maca?

Maca is a famous plant native to Peru from the Andes Mountains’ high plateaus. Maca has been a vegetable crop In Peru for 3000 years, belonging to the radish family, and has that distinct smell close to butterscotch.

The roots of Maca is turned into medicine, and you can buy organic maca root capsule on amazon easily.
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Many people take Maca for something like “Tired Blood,” which refers to anemia a chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) to enhance energy, your stamina, your athletic performance, and memory.

Maca Capsules for Men & Women - Improve Drive & Overall Health

Many people also take it for these reasons:
· female hormone balance
· menstrual problems
· symptoms of menopause
· improve fertility and sexual dysfunction that is caused by things like antidepressants, or weak bones which is osteoporosis
· it also helps depression, stomach cancer
· it also helps from leukemia or HIV/AIDS, or tuberculosis
· helps with erectile dysfunction, and this can raise sexual desire and boosts your immune system.

If you are eager about what it is for food, it can be baked or even roasted. It can be prepared as soup or the fermented drink named maca chicha. It is also beneficial in agriculture for increasing livestock’s fertility.

Evidence and Rate of Effectiveness

• For sexual dysfunction that is triggered by using antidepressant drugs. Researchers suggest that by maca consumption 2 times a day for 12 weeks, women under antidepressants experienced improved sexual dysfunction.
• For male fertility. Research has shown that men should take a specific maca product like Maca Gelatinized La Molina for precisely 4 months can increase semen and sperm count for men. However, it is unclear if this can also improve fertility.
• For Postmenopausal conditions. Researchers have suggested taking Maca (Maca Powder Healthy choices) take this for 6 weeks, and it will improve your blood pressure and some other aspects of mood like depression and anxiety, for women who have postmenopausal, though benefits are little.
• For sexual desire. Researchers have said that taking Maca Gelatinized La Molina for 12 weeks can help increase men’s sexual desire.

How Does Maca Work? 

Maca root can contain many different chemicals that include fatty acids and amino acids. The root also supports natural antioxidants within the body, helping combat free radicals.

Some Safety Concerns?

Maca is safe to take for the majority of people. It is not presently associated with any health risks in most people, and it does not appear likely to cause any side effects in moderate doses.

Nonetheless, because of its impact on hormones, individuals who are suffering from thyroid problem must stay away from consuming Maca.

It is also advised to avoid consuming Maca when undergoing treatments, which change hormonal levels like breast cancer treatments.

Dosing Considerations

The exact dose for Maca can depend on many factors like your age, your health conditions, and others.

Today, there is no definite scientific proof about the ideal doses among adults and children when taking Maca.

You should remember that organic products are not always safe; knowing the right dose is essential.

You should always follow the relevant directions that are shown on product labels or consult a pharmacist or a physician or others before using.