Why People Compare Roberto Hroval with Nikola Tesla and Leonardo da Vinci

Businessman vs. entrepreneur

 ‘Entrepreneur’ is not just meant business but it is more than that. It describes an artist, an innovator, a tech-savvy, an inventor and a businessperson. The word is same just the meaning becomes a little bit more complex, doesn’t it?

The reason for sharing this with you because I am going to write about a man, an entrepreneur and I do not want you to see him through the frame of a businessman but as an ‘Entrepreneur’.  The name is Roberto Hroval, founder of the patent real corporation, an enterprise which is widely known for its innovative ideas.

Who is Roberto Hroval?

Roberto Hroval has a simple yet powerful business philosophy, “Make the final product so perfect that there is no need to spend extra money, machinery, manpower to improve it.”

From the childhood Roberto Hroval was peculiar. He always has these crazy ideas about upgrading the existence piece of technology and innovate something much better to change the world. He was the owner of two ventures at the age of 20 and by the time he turned 29, he decided to lose all his string and to go big.

He founded a venture which later became the head of PatentReal Corporation. The purpose behind its establishment was quite different. It was brain baby of Roberto Hroval who made it in the first place as a problem solver for his budding company. The goal of PatentReal Corporation is to offer a technologically advanced solution to the World.

Currently, the PatentReal Corporation is working to solve energy problems of the world. It is developing a technology call Biomass ‘Ultima Technology’ which provides Emission-free biomass. It is one of the best solutions for green energy.

In October 2018 Robert Hroval has announced ‘Implosion based flying saucer FCX-01’. He thinks that the future of transportation is not on the road but it is in the sky. He believes that air traffic is much more predictable, safe and could be available for everyone and it also can reduce the emission of CO2 drastically.

His FCX-01 is a UFO-like vehicle which can accommodate two people with decent weight load. As he claims it offers speed of 150mph and powered by electricity of gas.

But his biggest achievement to date is Product Reincarnation Technology™, a new and totally green waste to energy solution. This technology transforms worn out and discarded products into sellable goods – like fuel or carbon black – with more than 98 per cent economic use and more that 85 per cent exploitation of energy balance.

Is he a new Elon Musk?

We all know about Elon Musk who is an innovator, engineer, and entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of Neuralink, Tesla INC., SpaceX and PayPal. Each of his enterprises is being seen as ahead of time. Many people call Roberto ‘European Elon Musk’ because of the similarity in their vision which is ‘to make the world a better place than yesterday’.

Some people also see him as the combination of Elon Musk and Leonardo Da Vinci because his commitment towards his goals is straight with a strong will to create a perfect end product without any more need of improvisation; just like paintings of Leonardo Da Vinci (a top-notch perfectionist).

Allow me to introduce my point of view regarding this comparison. Honestly, I don’t think this comparison is legit. These three people are doing great in their respective fields. They don’t need others name being coated over theirs. How does it sound if I called Leonardo Da Vinci as being half Hroval? It sounds absorb, isn’t it?

Da Vinci was famous for his artistic, his paintings: Two most famous one ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘Last Supper’. Elon Musk is known for his innovative and creative ideas like ‘Cheap Space Travel’, ‘Colonizing Mars’, ‘Travelling though Hyperloop System’ and ‘Fully Advanced Electric Cars’.

Roberto Hroval has his own vision, his own ways to change the world by creating an alternative. Energy technology, developing air travel technology and many other perfect end products which are ahead of this time. The only similarity among this persona is that they somehow changed/ are changing the world bit by bit.   

Can Roberto Hroval be an inventor like Nikola Tesla?

Actually, I am a great fan of Nikola Tesla. Tesla was the man whose imagination was far beyond his time. I would love to call him as an inventor who invented the 20th century.

If it wasn’t him then probably we don’t have the luxury of using alternating current without which most of the electric gadgets we are using now wouldn’t be possible.

He is the creator of Alternating Current, Tesla Coil, Induction Motor, Radio, Tele Automation, Neon Lamp, Shadowgraphs and many more. He obtained 300 patents in his lifetime and many other which never got surfaced (like death beam, artificial tide waves, thought camera etc)!

I have read both the biography of Nikola Tesla and interviews - articles about Roberto Hroval and the thing I have noticed in both of them that both are visionary, innovators!

But again, I see no reason to compare them with each other. These inventors, entrepreneurs are serving humanity by making the world more and more advance with each passing days. Let me tell you how visionary these guys could be by mentioning a prediction of Nikola Tesla about modern smartphones.

In 1926 in an interview, Tesla said, “When wireless will be perfectly applied then the whole earth will be converted into the huge brain. We shall be able to communicate with one another directly and instantly irrespective the distance. We shall also be able to hear and see each other as though we are face to face, despite of having thousands of miles of distance in between; the instrument through this all possible will be able to fit in our pocket.”

The only thing which is common between all innovators all around the world is that their brains are capable of critical thinking which are like 70 or 80 years in future. Each one is unique in their respective ways. Let them claim their own thrones.

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