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Text Emphasis

Scalar has 14 distinction options for organizing each page of your project. As I noted on "The Scalar Dashboard" path, this project uses Scalar's 'Text Emphasis' option for its layout. This is what allows this project to include scrolling images on the right hand side of the screen.
For this project, I have included screen shots for user reference. In your Scalar project, you can include any image you desire into this portion of the screen. Let's learn how to integrate these images with the 'Text Emphasis' layout.

First, choose a page to edit. Click on the 'Edit' button on bottom of your selected page. Find the 'Default View' tab and select 'Text Emphasis.' Save your page. **NOTE** A box might appear indicating that you do not have any media incorporated into your page--a necessity for this page layout. Click 'OK' to save your page.

Second, go to your project's dashboard. Click on the 'Media' tab. Here, you need to add any images you plan on incorporating into your 'Text Emphasis' page. Once you have finished adding the images you wish to include, go back to the page you have selected for the 'Text Emphasis' layout.

Third, choose a set of text on your page that corresponds to the image(s) you wish to incorporate into your page. For instance, on this page, I have included a picture of the Scalar Dashboard by linking by linking the image to my first reference to the dashboard at the top of the page. Highlight the text you wish to link to your image. Now, click on the button that looks like a 'Play' symbol in your text box editor. If you scroll over this button it will read: 'Add reference to Scalar media file (for display in views which allow media.) Choose the image you wish to link to the text and click 'Continue.' 

You have successfully added a scrolling image in the 'Text Emphasis' layout.
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