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Publishing in Digital Formats


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'Annotations' are the final linking/grouping feature we will focus on in this path. Annotations are more than reference points in your project--they are also pages in and of themselves. Annotations can feature text, video, and images, allowing your annotations to function as interactive and dynamic points in your project.

When you annotate a series of text or a media object, it will appear as the user hovers over the annotated content with his or her cursor. For instance, I have annotated this sentence in the form of a link with Scalar's own mode advanced tutorial for annotating media. Additionally, all of the images you see scrolling on the right hand side of the screen are also considered annotations. You will learn how to incorporate these scrolling images into your project on 'Integrating Multiple Media Platforms' path of this project. 

Let's learn how to annotate an image. 

Go to your project's dashboard. Click on the 'Media' tab. Choose an image you wish to annotate. At the bottom of the page you will see a button labeled 'Edit Annotations.' Click on it. 

The page you are presented with might seem complex, but it easy to understand. Below the image you will see boxes labeled 'X,' 'Y,' 'W,' and 'H.' You can enter numbers into each box. These are the coordinates of the annotation--when a user hovers over the image, this will allow them to see the annotation. You can also add text in the 'Content' box, etc. Choose large number for your coordinates so that it makes the annotation easy to use. When you have added the coordinates and desired text, click 'Save.' 

**NOTE** Whenever you add this image to a page in your project, the annotation will be automatically included. If the image is already included on a page, the annotation will be added to that page.
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