Oregon State University. Information and Global Social Justice: 2016 Barcelona

Special Thanks / Moltes gràcies

We must give a special thanks to all the wonderful people who helped make our stay enjoyable and educational while we were in Barcelona.
Carme Fenoll
Laia Burgell
Ray McCall
Marta Aliberch
Miguel Arrakis
Javier Leiva
Cristina Clotet
the numerous librarians in Barcelona who helped us in many ways
our gracious homestay families
Moltes gràcies!

And, a thanks to all the faculty and staff at Oregon State University who helped make the trip happen, through donations, funding, time, and/or enthusiasm
Friends of the Library (scholarship funding)
Edward W & Ann D Donnally (scholarship funding)
CAMP (scholarship funding)
Division of International Programs (scholarship funding)
Summer Programs (funding)
Amas Aduvari
Faye Chadwell
Claire Cross
Allison Davis White-Eyes
Anne-Marie Deitering
Amarah Khan
Melisa Lopez
Shane Melton
Cheryl Middleton
Janet Nishihara
David Prats
Thank you!