Can Metal Roofing Be Installed Over Shingles?

Are you looking for a new roof? If yes, then you will find several different options available in the roofing industry. These options vary from multiple options of asphalt shingle types to numerous variations of metal panels.

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One of the several questions that are presented to expert contractors is: ‘can metal roofing be installed over shingles?’ the answer to this question is a yes. The dichotomous nature of installing metal over an existing shingle roof requires several different steps.

There are several different aspects you must take into account before you decide on installing metal roofing over an existing asphalt shingle. The very first thing for you to determine here is if the roof plank board or plywood deck is solid and secure underneath the existing roof. Basically, the roof decking should not be damaged from water entering into the old roof at any pinhole or any other penetration within the field of the roof. This will require you to be a little investigative prior to installing the new metal roofing.

It is highly recommended that you inspect your roof decking and framing from the attic side of the roof. Moreover, you must look for any moldy or dark spots or water trails that perhaps be on roof decking or plywood, and or any split or cracked rafters. This should be done with utmost care, for one mistake could damage the ceilings or cause significant injuries to oneself. After all these aspects have been validated to be fine, the very next step here is to start preparing the roof. After completion and a holistic approach to the whole roof, then, it is time for you to install the roofing panels. Be careful that all roof penetrations will have to be flashed using flashing boots that go well with the metal panel chosen for the roofing application.

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Now, choosing the metal panel is crucial to the longevity of the roofing life. There are metal panels available that screw through to that would on the face of the metal that are just nothing more than the fancy barn tin. The issue with these panels is that the rubber washers over the period of time and do not dry rot and fail, hence, creating a roof leak that can demoralize all the reason a metal roofing option was considered to begin with.

A simple approach to keep away from the face screwed roofing materials to make use of a concealed fastener metal panel. Such panels are known as the standing metal seam. It is advised while choosing metal roofing to consider the aspect of longevity. Briefly, a hidden fastener panel will last long of the metal with minimal chances of seeping other than deteriorating roof saturation over the period of time. This is pretty normal to all roofing types.